Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trump's Despicable Lies About Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar

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Did U.S. Rep. Omar Say Al-Qaida Makes Her ‘Proud’?

U.S. President Donald Trump has made a number of incendiary remarks attacking Ilhan Omar and other congressional members of the so-called "Squad."

Snopes Probes Rep. Omar's Foul Mouth: How Fox News Takes Tiny Truths And Twists Them Into Gargantuan Lies

How Conservatives Use Decontextualized Shards Of Truth To Tell HUGE Lies

Keep It Up, Ilhan Omar. Neither Hamas Nor A Black Day But A Glimmer Of Hope On Capitol Hill

People Want To Be Lied To: The Convergent Horror Of Faithful Falsehood And Aggressive Ignorance

Did Rashida Tlaib Celebrate the Holocaust, Say It Gave Her a ‘Warm Feeling’?

Right-leaning websites grossly distorted the nuanced reflections of the Michigan Congresswoman on what happened in Palestine after World War II.

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