Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Facebook Dialogue With Christian Fundamentalist Friend Concerning Jimmy Carter's Role In Iran

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  • Karen Kolbinsky he should surely know.. nobody made a worse mistake than he had by replacing a leader in Iran where people there were once free to practice their faith instead of being beaten and killed unless they bowed to the god of the Iotola.. but I guess you misSee More
    • Alan Archibald President Carter did not replace an Iranian leader. 

      In fact, Carter supported Shah Pahlavi for an unusually prolonged time. 

      Despite Carter's support, the Shah eventually fled Iran because Iran's political climate had "turned on him."

      "The Big Trouble" in Iran started when the CIA overthrew Iran's first democratically elected leader during the Eisenhower administration.

      This overthrow exemplified behavior that we would condemn in others. 

      Furthermore, the overthrow was demonstrably counterproductive -- indeed catastrophic -- and the United States (aided and abetted by commercial interests in Great Britain) bears ongoing responsibility for triggering Iran's furious political reaction, a reaction that remains foundational to much of the Middle East's turmoil.

      If "tables were turned" and Iran arranged to overthrow a democratically-elected president of the United States, I would bet long odds that you would react with unprecedented volatility and rage. 

      And you would be right to do so.

      Since I believe that "confession and amends" are advisable whenever "a wrong needs righting," I hold that the United States should publicly confess its role in Uncle Sam's 1953 intervension and offer to work with Iran to make suitable amends.
      Analysis: How Jimmy Carter lost Iran |
      Analysis: How Jimmy Carter lost Iran |

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