Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dana Milbank At The Washington Post Goes There: "Mitch McConnell Is A Russian Asset"

Enough said


Rep. Joe Kennedy III Tells "Christian" Trump-Care Supporters: Your So-Called "Mercy" Is "Malice"

And Kentuckians just keep re-electing him like he's their messiah.

AP Fact Check: Trump's Promises On Healthcare

7 Years' Bitching About Obamacare While Continually Touting Their "Terrific, Low-Cost Replacement" And The GOP Produces Nothing But Flatulence, Excrement And Anguish For 25 Million Americans, Simultaneously Tranferring Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars To The 1%

It works for NASCAR.  VOTE the GOP OUT!

Capitalism Has Pre-Arranged The Legalization Of Its Own Criminality

Pope Francis: One Of The Most Powerful Critiques Of Capitalism You Will Ever Read

Pope Francis: "This Economy Kills"

Pope Francis: Quotations On Finance, Economics, Capitalism And Inequality
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