Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Xtian Facebook Correspondent's Persistent Lie About John Kennedy Junior's Support For Trump

Image result for are people selling counterfeit George Magazines with John Kennedy Jr praising his good friend Donald Trump

I will get back to you at greater length. 

But for now, let me tell you these facts. 

Copies of "George Magazine," the June, 1999 edition to which you refer currently cost between $250.00 and $500.00 on Amazon. Ouch.

The good news is that you or anyone in your social circle can work (for free) with a reference librarian at UNC or Duke, and even though it may require the services of inter-library loan, they WILL be able to secure the June 1999 edition of “George” for you. 

Of course, it is vanishingly unlikely that you (or any of your friends) will actually undertake this research because it will prove you wrong - and you know it... or suspect it. 

However, on the outside chance that you choose to work with a reference librarian at UNC, Duke (or any other major university library), I encourage you to take a photograph of every page of the magazine so you can create an online “photo folder” where all the people you’ve been misleading can go and see for themselves that John Kennedy Junior never said such a thing. 

Knowing how much you claim to value Truth, will you do that Karen? 

And why do I have the feeling that you will not answer my question in the affirmative? 

Come on Karen. 

You’ve been lying for a very long time and leading people (including yourself) down the garden path to epistemological destruction. 

“Fess up” and make amends.

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"Donald Trump is an assh*le."

"I Can Lie Faster Than You Can Fact-Check" | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

It's Not That The Assholes Are Uninterested In Truth.
They Are Hostile To Truth. 

Trump Memes, Album 1: The Best From "Pax On Both Houses"

Trump Memes, Album 2: The Best From "Pax On Both Houses"

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Image result for "pax on both houses" sagan

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