Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get A Load Of This! Pakistan Releases Transcript Of Trump's Phone Call To Paki Prime Minister

Alan: Turns out Trump's nose is brown!

Pakistan’s Surprisingly Candid Readout Of Trump’s Phone Call With Prime Minister

Delusional Donald "I Got More Training Militarily Than A Lot Of The Guys In The Military"


This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Trump Is A Bad Businessman Who Knows How To Profit From Debt

Wake up America - Dump Don the Con Treasonous Trump:

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Billionaire Nick Hanauer Says Walmart Is "Socialism For The Rich"

Rich mooching Trump is at the front of the line sponging off working Tax payers + calling them Lazy!! Where's the tax returns Trump!!??!!:

"The Pitchforks Are Coming.... For Us Billionaires," Amazon Financier, Nick Hanauer

The Only Way Trump Can Make America Great Again

Donald Trump | Someecards:

Trump Is Epitomized By The Charge Against Him In The Trump University Case: Racketeering

Judge Curiel Rules Trump Must Face Trial for Racketeering in Trump University…:

VIDEO: Pulitzer Prize Winner Reveals Evidence Of Trump's Extensive Mafia Ties

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

The Distilled Essence Of "Conservative" "Christianity"

The people who believe President Obama is Muslim, are the same people who actually believe donald trump is Christian:

Faith and Falsehood

Frank Zappa Prophesied A Fascist Theocracy. Barry Goldwater Agrees

Bill McKibben "The Christian Paradox: How A Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong"

James' Epistle: "Judgment Without Mercy Will Be Shown To Anyone Who Has Not Shown Mercy"

It Is Important To Know These Things So Religion Doesn't Do You More Harm Than Good

What Too Many Christians Get Wrong

The People Who Know What The Job Entails Are Of One Mind

There isn't much these men agree on, but one thing they do...NOT TRUMP.:

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Republican Historian Max Boot's Surprising Realization

Self-Terrorization And De Facto Alliance With ISIS-Al Qaeda

You're Americans- Act Like It!:
Faulty Risk Assessment And The Epidemic Spread Of Self-Terrorization

Alan: If in the wake of 9/11 you live in fear, the terrorists have won.
In fact, you are one of them.

Voltaire Comments On Donald Trump

Remember: It Didn't Start With Gas Chambers

It started with politicians, intolerance, hate speech, desensitization.  #Trump:
Hitler promised to "Make Germany Great Again."

Hitler Promised To "Make Germany Great Again": A Chronology Of Der Fuhrer's Lies

We Forget That Hitler Brought Widespread Prosperity To Economically Devastated Germans

Where Have We Seen Trump's Oratorical Style Before

Update On Ivana Trump's Revelations Concerning Donald's Fondness For Hitler's Speeches 

Hitler Reacts To Donald Trump Getting The Republican Nomination For President (Video Meme)

To Trump's Credit...

And you think Trump will be a good president??:

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Choosing Not To Vote Isn't Rebellion. It's Surrender

Dump Trump - just Vote for someone ELSE:
Mandatory Voting Would Focus Candidates On All Citizens, 
Not Just Their Rabid Base

For The Record: Hillary And Donald's Truthfulness Charted On The Same Graph

Image result for truthometer how the candidates rank after being fact-checked
Alan: In the mind of the electorate, Hillary was egregiously untruthful.
So much for facts.
So much for the American people.
They will now reap what they sowed.

Image result for liar of the year trump

Related image

Image result for liar of the year trump

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

A Prophecy: Barack Obama's Evaluation Of Pussy Grabber, Working Class Pilferer

Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump:

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

November 8: Hunter Thompson's Half Truth Outstrips The Cognoscenti's Collective Wisdom

America is becoming a Fascist state:

"I Love The Poorly Educated," Donald Trump

Nah! Couldn't Happen Here! We're Good Germans ... Errr ... Good Americans...

Trump supporters:

We Forget That Hitler Brought Widespread Prosperity To Economically Devastated Germans

Hitler Promised To "Make Germany Great Again": A Chronology of Der Fuhrer's Lies

The Numbers: Is Trump's Carrier Deal In Indiana More Corporate Welfare Than Job Creation?

Image result for carrier indiana
Does Donald Trump's Carrier Deal Make Economic Sense"
Fortune Magazine

White Nationalists See Trump As Their Troll In Chief
Is He With Them?
Mother Jones

World's Largest Solar Power Plant Unveiled In India's Kamuthi

Lest We Overlook The Obvious: A Question For President-Elect Donald "Pussy Grabber" Trump

And what happened to the jobs that were supposed to abound as a result of George W. Bush's epochal tax cuts?

I remember The Great Recession.

I remember that the U.S. economy was hemorrhaging 900,000 jobs a month when Dubyah left office.

I also remember The Iraq War

But that's another Apocalypse...

Currently, Hillary Has 3.6% More Popular Votes Than Pussy Grabber | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Sociopaths, Believability And Unreality

Paul Krugman: Why Trump Is The Perfect Republican Standard Bearer


This Is America's "Christian" Candidate. Take A Good Look. Call The Kids!

Never Argue With Someone Who Believes Their Own Lies


So what do we do when half the nation believes its own lies?
The half that's in charge of all 3 branches of government.

Image result for drag you down beat you with experience

Oops! Donald Trump And Rick Perry Collaborate on National Defense


"60 Minutes": The New Cold War. Who Has The Temperament To Be Next Commander-In-Chief?

Check out the general's account of the "accidental" nuclear launch that came within 8 minutes of reality. 

Script Excerpt: At the end of the Cold War both sides pledged to point their missiles at the open ocean. But it would take just minutes to change back to real targets.
That provides a small hedge against an accidental war triggered by a false alarm of the kind Perry experienced in 1979 when a watch officer mistakenly inserted a training tape into a computer.
William Perry: It looked like 200 ICBMs were on the way from the Soviet Union to the United States. Happily we got that situation figured out before we had to go to the president. But had we not he would have received a call at 3 o’clock in the morning and said, “Sir you have seven or eight minutes to decide whether to launch those before these missiles land on our ICBM silos.
David Martin: And what was the fail-safe there?  What stopped it from going to the president?
William Perry: What stopped it was an astute general who sensed something was wrong.
David Martin: You’ve had one serious case in 45 years, that would seem like a pretty good record.

William Perry: It only takes one – it only takes one.

Since Election, There Have Been 867 Documented Hates Incidents, 23 Of Them Against Trump

The Southern Poverty Law Center compiled state-by-state reports of harassment, intimidation and threats since the election.
Courtesy of The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center says it has documented 867 post-election hate incidents — including 33 in Oregon and 48 in Washington.
The organization tracked news stories and reports made directly through its website. Online harassment was not included.
Ryan Lenz, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Watch” blog, said the number of incidents isn’t really the point.  
“The fact that people feel emboldened enough that they’re comfortable putting a swastika on the side of a car and using a racial epithet for a Jewish person, or the fact that school children are feeling compelled to threaten to kill their black classmates now that Donald Trump is president — I think the fact that they’re happening at all is enough,” he said.  
Lenz points out the president-elect has only denounced these types of incidents when reporters asked him about them. Trump has not disavowed the incidents via Twitter or any other independent statement.
“I think what we need now is clear leadership and clear responsibility and we’ve not seen that yet,” said Lenz.
Not all of the incidents in the report mentioned the president-elect directly. Of the 867 incidents documented, 23 were categorized as “anti-Trump.”
Image result for trump swastika

Trump's Plan To Replace Obamacare


Trump WIll Achieve EVERYTHING! And Fast! But First, He Wants To Sell You A Bridge In Brooklyn | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

The 1% Smart Enough To Know You're Stupid Enough To Applaud Your Own Oppression | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Who Gets The Political Support Of 892 Certifiable U.S. Hate Groups?

Image result for hate groups love trump

List Of Organizations Designated As Hate Groups

Now, You Can Be Hateful And Feel Good About It | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

A History Of Trump's Incitation Of Violence

Reprise: Must-See Mash-Up Of Trump's Racism

Der Spiegel Trump Cover: Was Trump's Father Arrested At A KKK Rally?

Facebook Dialogue With Christian Fundamentalist Friend About Trump's Affiliation With The Klan

"It's Time To Give Up On Mueller: Racism Is The Most Glaring Reason To Impeach Trump"

Ronald Reagan Phoned Dick Nixon To Make This Comment About Black People: "Damn Those Monkeys. They're Still Uncomfortable Wearing Shoes." Reagan's Daughter Patti Davis Weighs In

Reprise: Must-See Mash-Up Of Trump's Racism

A History Of Trump's Incitation Of Violence

Stephen Colbert's Monologue About Trump's Racism Is His Best Work Ever

Even The Big Wigs At Fox News Know Trump's A Racist
(Chis Wallace Reads The Riot Act To Trump Advisor Stephen Miller)

Lindsay Graham Graham's Stunningly Shameless Reversal On Donald Trump

For A Week I'd Been Wondering What Was Wrong With Barron Trump; Then The Autism Video

Image result for is baron autistic
Does Trump's Son Melania, Barron, Have Autism?
If so, should he be a poster child for the epidemic?

Melania Trump Threatens To Sue Producer Of YouTube Video Suggesting Son Baron Has Autism


Is There Really An Autism Epidemic?
Scientific American

I Will Sue You! I Have So Much Money I Will Force You Into Bankruptcy Through Insupportable Legal Fees. It Does Not Matter If You Are Innoce | made w/ Imgflip meme maker