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Facebook Dialogue: Einstein And The Comparison Between Trump's Border Camps And Nazi Concentration Camps

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This article is from Israel‘s largest newspaper.

  • KK: and NO greater LIE has been propagated on this page or any other the left would use to brainwash the least intelligent and educated among us who'd believe that load of crap.. The JEWS were NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE to GO HOME.. and even if they had what awSee More
    • KK: Israel's "biggest newspaper?" according to who? A reporter in Israel? that is NOT the sentiment of a majority of JEWS right now living within the borders of Israel and the biggest newspaper there could be as "anti Trump" as Omar is "anti Semitic"
    • Alan Archibald Karen Kolbinsky Thanks for the correction Karen. Memory failed me. Founded in 1918, Haaretz is the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, and is now published in both Hebrew and English in the Berliner format. According to the Center for Research Libraries, among Israel's daily newspapers, "Haaretz is considered the most influential and respected for both its news coverage and its commentary."[6]
      Haaretz - Wikipedia
      Haaretz - Wikipedia
      Haaretz - Wikipedia

    • KK: yes.. like the New York Times had been once considered here until they chose to be part of the "mockingbird media' and trade real journalism for Hollywood sensationalism and look much more like the Philadelphia Enquirer than actual NEWS..
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  • KK: to compare a single retaining camp on our border to a Nazi concentration camp is what Albert Einstein would clearly have called "the HEIGHT of IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE" for any human on earth who'd begin to compare the two...

    • Alan Archibald I am condifent Einstein would have agreed with the article you're faulting.

      Trump is a socio-political monster and when he falls, his supporters will scramble to imitate "the good Germans" who claimed "Well, we didn't know!"
      Einstein: "Nationalism Is A Disease"
      Einstein: "Nationalism Is A Disease"
      Einstein: "Nationalism Is A Disease"

    • KK: yes.. if you are living in Nazi Germany I'd agree as well that "nationalism is a disease" .. if you live in a health nation where citizens are free to worship God as they believe without fear of being committed to prison, beheaded, beaten and tortured or under any other "unjust law" that doesn't line up with the universal commandments of God Himself then yes.. you are right.. nationalism is a "disease".. GLOBALISM is a DISEASE when HUMANISTS, COMMUNISTS, ATHEISTS, and ANTI CHRIST is ruling over the Earth instead of JESUS CHRIST ..
    • KK: :If you read on you will see that "nations" are established with borders throughout the world for the sake of civilization... or in other words "diversity" of thought, culture, traditions, etc. In America we had the unique experience of bringing together people from every tribe, nation, kindred, tongue, culture, tradition, etc. to form a NEW NATION as ONE NATION under ONE GOD.. not many nations under many gods but ONE NATION under ONE GOD with ONE FLAG representing us all as that ONE NATION.. or if you will "US" the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... We are no longer "German" or "Irish" or "Jewish" or "African" except for our blood ties to ancestors who we descend from.. and most of us are mixed blood here anyway.. we can live together in peace while enjoying each other's differences and not pointing fingers at who is to blame for the sins of our parents.
    • Alan Archibald My point was that Einstein would disagree with the "words you put in his moutn."
    • Message From The Statue Of Liberty
      Message From The Statue Of Liberty
      Message From The Statue Of Liberty

    • KK: I didn't put those words in his mouth.. I simply quoted him. He said exactly that and I am not reading meaning into his words.. it wasn't about "nationalism" he was talking.. it was to "scientists" who believe themselves "wiser than God Himself" as wSee More
    • Einstein had not himself "concluded" there was or wasn't a God for real until very close to the time he passed from this world through that dark valley of shadow and death every human must. I myself don't believe it's possible to PROVE God to anyone See More
    • KK: and so my point, Alan.. was that the atheist Hawkings who openly has many times over denounced the existence of the GOD I KNOW myself exists because of not only my FAITH but having seen with my own eyes to be REAL.. witnessed? through His Mighty and powerful works as miraculous answers to prayer for unexplained healing? too many times to talk about.. AS well as CREATION all around me? Heaven to me is REAL.. not a pie in the sky fantasy or fictional stories passed down to me by parents.. not like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.. JESUS CHRIST lived and died exactly as the prophets had said He would.. born of a virgin, crucified by ignorant arrogant men (Jews and Romans) and raised from the grave.. which means the rest of the story still has yet to happen before our watching eyes..
    • KK: anyway.. my point is Stephen Hawkings is NOT authorized to speak for the GOD he doesn't even believe let alone KNOW.. "professing themselves to be wise they have become fools" and what fool in this world could look at him compared to the Savior Himself? what works has Stephen Hawkings actually done to help or heal a world heading so fast down to destruction as this one? You think he can promise PEACE on EARTH? SALVATION from EVIL or the Insanity of humans who believe by blowing up Israel or anywhere else on earth they are somehow pleasing the 
      Creator Himself?
    • KK: I did get it though.. comparing Jesus to the Devil.. to Lucifer. It's really popular right now especially among rap artists like Jay Zee to call on his fans to hate Jesus and worship Lucifer.. or like politicians who have been mentored by Sal Alinksky and taught to emulate Lucifer as the first real rebel.. yes.. that makes sense. Real bright there to choose to worship the Destroyer while rejecting the Creator.. really "wise" .. talk about fools being wise in their own eyes? there you have it.
    • Alan Archibald You mistake Alinsky. 

      And you malign Yahweh. 

      "The Book Of Job" Begins With God "Sitting Down With Satan" To Plan Job's Torment

      "You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39 But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek,turn to him the other also; 40 if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well." Matthew 5:38-40

      "Love Your Enemies. Do Good To Those Who Hate You," Luke 6: 27-42

      Yeshua Excoriates Fellow Pharisees: "The Woe Passages"

      Christians Ignore Jesus' "Commandments" But Are Punctilious About Things He Never Said

      "Do You Know What You're Doing To Me?"
      Jesus of Nazareth

      Jesus Rails Against Human Traditions Of "Our Great Leaders Who Lived Long Ago"

      The Gospels With The Words Of Jesus In Red

      Everything Jesus And The Apostles Had To Say About "The Rich" And "The Poor"

      What's Wrong With Christian Bigots?

      "Any Religion That Needs Fear To Thrive Is Bad Religion"

      "Bad Religion: A Compendium"

      Hey Christian! How Many Of Jesus' Moral Stands Do You Approve? Take The Test!

      Plank In Eye Disease: Humankind's Most Common Affliction

      How Do American Christians Direct Their Moral Umbrage?
      "The Book Of Job" Begins With God "Sitting Down With Satan" To Plan Job's Torment
      "The Book Of Job" Begins With God "Sitting Down With Satan"…
      "The Book Of Job" Begins With God "Sitting Down With Satan" To Plan Job's Torment

    • Alan Archibald > KK: You're using Einstein's words to say he would have objected to the comparison between Trump's camps and Nazi concentration camps. 

      Einstein would NOT have objected to this comparison. 

      Everything in Einstein's life -- and in the full contextualization of his writing -- indicates he would have approved the comparison - and emphatically so. 

      It would be good for you to learn that isolated shards of factual truth are routinely used to tell even bigger lies. 

      You seem to think that it's all about the cleverness of procuring an isolated shard of truth in apparent support of your ideoloigcally-driven rhetoric. 

      "The way, THE TRUTH and the life" would not be happy with such deception.

      "How Conservatives Use Decontextualized Shards Of Truth To Tell HUGE Lies"
      Scott Pruitt: How Conservatives Use Decontextualized Shards Of Truth To Tell Colossal Lies
      Scott Pruitt: How Conservatives Use Decontextualized Shards Of…

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