Monday, April 30, 2018

How Dimwits Poke Their Own Eyes Out With Jagged Shards Of The Truth They Shatter

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Even if we assume that "the dimwitted" are not deliberately lying, they are too stupid/ignorant to use perspective, proportion and intellectual rigor in pursuit of truth.
Consequently, they become prey to their own half-truths and wishful thinking.
"A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest" is a refrain that bears constant repetition.

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

What Second Amendment Evangelists Fail To Understand About Their Opposition

"The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun"

Australian Gun Control After Port Arthur Massacre Left 35 Dead

The Number Of People Who Use Guns In Self-Defense Is Negligible

Handguns At Home And The Scourge Of Suicide Among Young People

Mom Killed By 2 Year Old Child Described As "Responsible." NOT!

80% Of All Firearm Deaths In 23 Industrialized Countries Occurred In The U.S.

“Toy Guns Outlawed At Republican Presidential Convention. Real Guns Allowed”

Who Is This Young Man? (You Will Never Guess.)


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These Five Behaviors Increase Life Expectancy By 13 Years

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These Five Behaviors Increase Life Expectancy By 13 Years
(Don't overlook the crucial importance of 2-3 hours of daily face-time with other people.)
Click on the first hyperlink to see the list of 5 longevity-extending behaviors.

Joshua Johnson's 1A: "A New National Memorial To Victims Of Lynching"

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The Good Christians
Then, like now, these proto-Trumpistas could rationalize ANYTHING

A New National Memorial To Victims Of Lynching

"When Trump Confronts His Fifth Bankruptcy..."

"All The Dirt On Donald"

Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, And The Madness Of The Good Christians' Neo-Confederacy

Donald Trump: "It's Even Worse Than You Think," Author David Cay Johnston Interview

The 16 Most Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Things The Right Conditions Americans To Believe

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist David Cay Johnston Calls Trump "One Of The Most Successful Criminals In America"
And "The Greatest Con Artist In The History Of The World"

Red State Moocher Links: Time For The "Confederates" To Look In The Mirror

E.J. Dionne: "The Steep Price Of The Trumpian Circus - The Dumbing Down Of Discourse" 

"Malefactors Of Great Wealth Are Curses To The Country," Teddy Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Last Time America Elected A "Democratic Socialist..."

"Natural History Is The Antidote To Piety," Gregory Bateson

Huge Confederate Flag Raised Over My Hometown, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Trump Is The Raised Middle Finger Of The Neo-Confederacy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

                 Confederate battle flag raised over Orange County