Sunday, July 28, 2019

Netflix' New Documentary "The Great Hack" Reveals The Inner Workings Of "1984" In 2019

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Alan: When friend Jimbo recommended "The Great Hack," I found it hard to believe that the documentary would live up to his rave review.


The methodical richness and investigative acuity of "The Great Hack" are better than Jimbo's review.

Liberals and conservatives alike have long known that "Big Data" is up to no good, particularly since Mark Zuckerburg revealed Facebook's active collaboration with the many nefarious "players" resident in California's Silicon Valley.

After viewing this movie, Trumpistas will find it necessary to dive into pelagically-deep denial to ignore what this documentary lays out step-by-persuasive-step. 

At minimum, I would recommend that folks "on the right side of the aisle" view this documentary in the company of family and friends - and discuss it afterward. 

I also enourage each of my readers "on the right" to be honest about your reaction when, presumably, some of your companions take umbrage and start tossing around phrases like "fake news," "the haters" and "QAnon says..." 

This documentary is so convincing that, by my lights, anyone with a single functioning synapse will realize that standard "conservative" criticism is simply not "up to the task" of trashing this film, and that the stock epithets mentioned above ring as untrue as Trump's ongoing insistence that he never slept with Stormy Daniels.

"The Great Hack" gets a 7.1 cumulative rating on IMDb,; an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes,; and a 67 Metascore on

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