Monday, May 30, 2016

Ben Carson: Bill Kristol's Third-Party Candidate Will Hand Election to Clinton

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Ben Carson: Third-Party Candidate Will Hand Election to Clinton

third-party candidate, Ross Perot, made it possible for Bill Clinton to win the White House in 1992, and calls from Bill Kristol and others wanting a third-party candidate this time around will put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office as well, former GOP candidate Ben Carson warned Monday.

"I think what Bill Kristol and many others like him need to recognize is America right now is like a cruise ship that is about to go off of Niagara Falls with tremendous carnage and death," the retired neurosurgeon, who is now working closely with Donald Trump's GOP campaign, told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program. 

"What you have to do first a recognize the problem, stop the ship, turn it around, and then move in the other direction. They want to push a button and all of a sudden all of that is done."

On Sunday, Trump fired off a series of tweets at Kristol, calling him a "dummy" and an "embarrassed loser" after the Weekly Standard editor posted a Twitter message indicating that there will be an "impressive" person launching a campaign.

Carson told the program that he's heard rumors of who the potential candidate could be, but he hopes that "whoever that third-party candidate is will just stop for a moment and think about what the implications are of allowing Hillary Clinton or someone like her to get in there.
"And they get two to four Supreme Court picks and completely change the nature of this country and destroy the prospects for their children and their grandchildren to have the same opportunities that they had."

Also on the program, Carson said he does not see "any terrible things" going on with people he talks with in the Trump campaign, playing down reports of infighting.

"What is clear is that there are individuals who are attempting to create conflict and who are concerned about their own power," said Carson. "Now, whether they're inside or outside doesn't particularly matter."What we need to be concentrating on is winning the White House again and stopping the destruction of our nation, and I would appeal to all of those people who are attempting to create this conflict to stop. We don't need it. "

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