Friday, May 27, 2016

Trump Hotel Bookings Plummet 59% Since Start Of His Presidential Campaign

Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas. Bookings Down 71%

Political Incorrectness: Taking A Page From Trump's Playbook

From The Daily Mail:
Bookings at Trump Hotels have plummeted by more than half since The Donald launched his controversial presidential campaign. 
While Trump's own popularity among his voters did not waver as he strode towards the Republican nomination, the hotel arm of his empire has taken a hit, according to data from travel firm Hipmunk.
Reservations at his hotel collection have fallen by 59 per cent year-on-year as their market share has crumbled.
A bit more from the article header and graphs:
  • Year-on-year bookings fell from 1.7% to 0.7% market share in major cities
Trump Soho New York -74%
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas -71% Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto -47% Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago -31%
The Trump Taj Mahal (Atlantic City) -17% 
Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk +4%  
These are staggering declines that can not be sustained, short of more bankruptcies. Great business sense you have there, Donnie Boy.
The market has spoken!
Big h/t to blackwaterdog for the tweet.

Political Incorrectness: Taking A Page From Trump's Playbook

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