Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nope, Don't Need No Nanny State Here!

Burger Queens


Responsible citizens trading exercise and diet tips so Medicare costs don't break The National Bank

A soda tax?

Don't be silly.

A tobacco tax high enough to cover the cost of lung, lip, mouth and throat cancers?

Gimme a break!

A tobacco tax to pay for decades-long emphysema care?

No way José.

Like most Americans, these ladies burn the midnight oil boning up on "tips for healthy living." 

Concocting new "reasons" not to vaccinate their kids.

Don't need no nanny tellin’ them what’s best.


Just hard-workin' American exceptionalists doin’ what's best for them and their kids.

Those goddam sheepskin meddlers better butt out!


Obesity Statistics

“By 2030, Obesity can tost The U.S. $566 billion dollars a year - $5.7 trillion per decade.
(Considered annually, this cost is more than the Defense Department’s budget.)


Once again, The Bible Belt coincides perfectly with another detrimental behavior.


(Yes, genetically-predicated obesity is beyond the reach of behavioral modification.)

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