Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Compilation Of Pax Post On Similarities Between Hitler And Trump

A Shared Passion For Whiteness 

And Cleanliness

We Forget That Hitler Brought Widespread Prosperity To Economically Devastated Germans

Hitler Promised To "Make Germany Great Again": A Chronology of Der Führer's Lies

"Republicans For Hitler," By Conservative Talk Show Host And Columnist Erick Erickson

"Trump's Flirtation With Fascism," Dana Milbank

Update On Ivana Trump's Revelations Concerning Donald's Fondness For Hitler's Speeches 

Where Have We Seen Trump's Oratorical Style Before

Mark Twain, Adolf Hitler And The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Hitler Reacts To Donald Trump Getting The Republican Nomination For President (Video Meme)

Trump's Most Egregious, In-Your-Face Fascist Declaration: "We're Going To Have To Do Things..."

Trump Will Go Full-Throttle Fascist Following The First Major Terror Attack.
Putin Knows This. (He Also Knows How To Hack The United States.)

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