Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Second Amendment Evangelists Fail To Understand About Their Opposition

Alan: Well-regulated guns in the hands of carefully-trained people who use them wisely can - and do - contribute to safety. This is indisputable.

The obvious fact that guns can contribute to safety is only brought up by profoundly fearful people and borderline paranoiacs whose emotional instability deprives them of prudence and judiciousness.

The conservative conviction that liberals will "take their guns away" is delusional. 

There is no significant movement to rescind The Second Amendment and if such movement manifests it will need to proceed by established legal channels. 

The issue has always been -- and remains -- the effective "regulation of guns" under aegis of The Second Amendment's assertion that a "well regulated militia" is "necessary to the security of a free state." 

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Note that the second and third words of the 2nd Amendment are "well regulated."

Currently, the flood of unregulated firearms contributes to the insecurity of our state.

Either the 2nd Amendment has failed to achieve its designated end or, as the 2nd Amendment also points out, more regulation is needed.

2nd Amendment evangelists claim that ever more guns will result in enhanced security. 

If this is true, why is the United States not the safest place on earth?

Or, more accurately put, why is the United States the most dangerous place in "the developed world?"

The gun-related murder rate in the United States is 15 times higher than in Denmark and nearly 20 times higher than Israel, 
a nation with very strict gun regulation. 

Nothing is rotten in Denmark. The stench is much nearer home. 

No matter how many "good guys with guns" short-circuit crime by using firearms to threaten, wound or kill "bad guys with guns," it is an enduring fact that gun-crazed America is fighting a rearguard, losing battle against gun violence. 

American conservatives are inordinately fearful people, disproportionately motivated by anger, hatred and the perverse belief that violence is the default solution to every social and political problem. 

Here is American conservatism's calling card:

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