Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pax On Both Houses: Good Ideas For The Body Politic

"Proposal For Two Years Obligatory National Service"

Lifetime Amtrak Passes For Seniors

Long Term Care At 20% The Current Cost... And You Get To Live At Home

"Level The Playing Field: Let Credit Unions Offer Same Services As Commercial Banks"

Mandatory Voting Would Focus Candidates On All Citizens, 
Not Just Their Rabid Base

Social Security Should Invest In The Open Market

How About An Oscar For "Most Prophetic Film?"

The Department Of Justice Should Issue Police Hiring Guidelines To Preclude Bigoted Cops

How Cops And Citizens Should Handle Pullovers

"Let's Make Photo I.D.s Mandatory For U.S. Voters"

A "National Suggestion Box" With Cash Awards Alotted As A % Of Government Dollars Saved

Cherokee Nation Debates Its Confederate Statue: How To Re-Dedicate Monuments Meaningfully

Stock Market Investment Advice: How To Buy Low And Sell High... Quite Dependably
The investment method described in this post is not as dependable as buying high-quality Exchange Traded Funds that reflect the overall market and holding them for the long haul. Although such ETFs can be purchased at any time, it is best to wait for the depths of a recession. The average recession lasts 22 months, indicating a good buying opportunity "a year in." (The average expansion lasts 27 months.)

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