Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chris Christie's State of the State Speech (Video)

New Jersey TV press coverage before the speech, and the entire speech
Chris Christie just gave his State of the State speech, and judging by his tone and body language, this man's political career is over and he knows it.  
Christie was quiet-voiced, unbelligerent, seemed to be barely mouthing a shallow, superficial speech devoid of brags on past accomplishments or excitement about the future.
The speech was poorly-written, didn't include much content, and basically hinged upon the idea of not raising taxes by making the choice to steal public employee pension money to improve schools and police services.
But the most noticable thing was Christie.  I assumed his crisis management told him to shut up, tone down, back off, be contrite.
But this looked like a man who knows the other shoe is gonna drop any day, and he's not gonna finish his term.
For the first time, Chris Christie himself has told me his career is over, and resignation will come.
Anybody else see this?  Comments?  Replay below, with some press coverage before


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