Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GOP Congressman Has Benghazi Meltdown On Maddow (Video)


"13 Benghazis Occurred on George Bush’s Watch. Not a Peep from Fox News"

Loony toon Congressman Tim Huelskamp appeared with Rachel Maddow after the SOTU speech to address a series of sick disgusting tweets he posted in the House chamber as the President spoke.
There's no other way to say it: Obama Derangement Syndrome.  For some people seeing a black man address the nation on national tee vee causes them to lose their shit.
See, they no longer say "YOU LIE" out loud while the President speaks, instead they tweet it out to their hate mob while he's speaking.
Embarrassed that Rachel was exposing his hate speech on live tee vee, he vainly tried to divert attention away by... you guessed it... a "WHAT ABOUT BENGAAAAAAAAAAHZIII!11!!" rant.
He began his lunatic meltdown by saying (I kid you not), "the President very clearly ran against the military by bringing them home".
Proceeding to his Benghaaaaazi conspiracy theory, the dope stated the President acted "irreprehensible", having no idea he just unintentionally said the President was blameless.
Of course he threw in a bunch of "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!"
Then he called Rachel a "cheerleader".
He followed by saying if the President issues any Executive Orders they will be by definition "unlawful" and "lawless".
Also he claimed President Obama is the one who created income inequality.   Well, that's progress, at least they now admit the issue exists.
Rachel ended the segment by calling him (to his face), "spectacularly disingenuous".

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