Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obamacare Polling Shows Approval Rising Steeply

Obamacare Approval Rating: A decisive majority by November?

Obamacare Poll Bounce Causes Morning Joe Meltdown

January 27, 2014
This morning, I watched Morning Joe as he railed against all things Obama. He selectively used the ABC/WAPO poll to enhance Obama's negatives and ignore the positives. Yes, Obama got a bounce to 46/50 when he was 41/56 in the November 2013 poll.
The thing that got me the most is how he kept saying that Obama is getting a 37% approval on his handling of the Healthcare law. Everyone knows about the roll-out problems, that's not news. So Joe slowly moved to saying that only 37% of Americans "approve" of ACA in this ABC poll when the poll clearly reports a 47/48 approval.  I saw his lies deepened and evolve right before my slightly closed eyes. So I did what should have been done earlier; which is go to the source.  Sure enough, he lied through his teeth and was never challenged by the sheep who heard him.
Yes, these are the real numbers.  The ACA is getting more popular and con heads are starting to explode all over the country.  The numbers from:
Washington Post/ABC Poll photo WashingtonPostACAPoll_zpsb178fa51.jpg

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