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The Thinking Housewife: 'Asians Are So Racist They View Blacks As Subhuman'

Dear Fred,

Consider the following excerpt from "Why Do Asians Support Big Government;" then read my post on Asian Americans' top-heavy support for Obama's presidency.

Excerpt:"Asians are so ‘racist’ that they make the KKK look like the NAACP; every single Asian I talked to about  the election of 2008 was astonished that the U.S. would elect a black man as President, since in their view, blacks are subhuman."

Post: "73% of Asian Americans Voted For Obama" (a higher percentage than Obama's Hispanic vote)

Laura's gathering fondness for White  Supremacy (and its correlative disparagement of other ethnicities) will likely make for an interesting encounter at The Pearly Gates.

Like most American neo-cons, Laura is increasingly fond of spreading alarmist falsehood, partly due to psychological compulsion but also realizing that "bells cannot be un-rung" any more than "Humpty can be put together again." 

American "conservatism's" central credo is this: Publicize whole-cloth lies; then "ride the coattails."

"The Death of Epistemology"

The residue of right-wing bilge fouls huge swathes of the internet. 

This tsunami of rank falsehood is so towering that fact-finding organizations like Snopes are overwhelmed trying to sort it out.

One apothegm says:

Yes, there is misrepresentation and falsification on both sides of the aisle. 

But America has never witnessed the kind of categorical shift toward mendacity that now typifies American "conservatism." 

Again, I encourage you to review the second and third paragraphs of this email.

How do we account for 73% of Asian Americans voting for Obama -- including my sister-in-law and her really smart, hard-working extended family -- if, simultaneously, we are to give credence to the anecdotal "statistics" provided by Laura's featured writer: "Every single Asian I talked to about the election of 2008 was astonished that the U.S. would elect a black man as President, since in their view, blacks are subhuman.""

Laura is worried that her children will be subverted by "satanic liberalism" 

Liberalism: Satanic Rebellion Against God," by The Thinking Housewife

Laura might worry more wisely that her grandchildren will look back on her uncharitable career with the same metanoiac remorse that Alabama Governor George Wallace looked back on his own life.

Pax tecum


Why Do Asians Support Big Government?

Ann Coulter wrote that Asians support big government, gun control, and ‘affirmative action.’
Asians support big government because their culture places hierarchy above all, and because in their native countries, government is seen as the top of the hierarchy, and they themselves as subjects and clients of government. The concept of ‘citizen’ in the Western sense has no analogue in Asian culture.
They support ‘affirmative action’ because all Asian societies are tribal- and clan-based in nature, with extreme xenophobia present between tribes and clans, much less evinced towards those of other races and nationalities.  Asians are so ‘racist’ that they make the KKK look like the NAACP; every single Asian I talked to about the election of 2008 was astonished that the U.S. would elect a black man as President, since in their view, blacks are subhuman.
Race-based preferences are endemic in all Asian societies, and always have been. All Asian countries reserve certain occupational specialities for natives, with additional considerations of patronage network membership, bribery, graft, and corruption.
What most Asians don’t understand is that in U.S.-style ‘affirmative action’, they will end up as losers, because the system is heavily weighted towards underachieving races, and against overachieving races.  They support gun control because their assumption is that the system can be used to keep guns out of the hands of undesirables (e.g., blacks, Arabs, et. al.), while they themselves will be able to pretty much openly own guns by paying bribes to the relevant government officials, as they do in their native countries (China is the big exception to this, as the Communists have pretty much eradicated gun ownership amongst the hoi polloi; in Japan, the yakuza and other elements in the underlying power structure, as well as politicians, openly own firearms).
In many ways, Asians are much more realistic about race than Westerners, though they take matters to extremes due to their lack of understanding of and desire for the Western societal values of abstract justice, equality before the law, and individual merit.  Asians don’t want a just, meritocratic, relatively corruption-free society; they want a society in which they can gain as many benefits as they can for their families, tribes, clans, and extended patronage networks.
Asians who manage to emigrate to Western countries are able to do so because they embrace corruption (which isn’t seen as a negative, but rather as the only way to make ends meet in their fundamentally unjust societies and cultures); their expectation is that once they reach Western countries, they will be able to subvert the rule of law in those countries, as the rule of law in Asian countries does not exist, but is just a polite fiction meant to deceive gullible Westerners for trade advantages and economic and military assistance.
Just as Muslim immigrants to Western countries seek to subvert the governments of those countries in the service of Islam (as well as themselves), Asians seek to subvert those same governments in order to enrich themselves.   They don’t come in search of freedom in the political sense, but rather in search of material gain for themselves and their own.
The many, many spying cases in the defense, aerospace, agricultural, and industrial sectors are indicative of this mentality, as well as the perpetual onslaught of online espionage against U.S. governmental departments, militaries, and corporations.  The high-profile Asian campaign-contribution ‘bundling’ scandals which came to light during the Clinton administration illustrate the willingness of Asians to directly subvert the electoral and political systems of Western countries to which they emigrate.

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