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Best Recent Pax Posts, August 3, 2017

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St. Apollonia And Her Tooth

Pax On Both Houses' Most Frequently Visited Memes: Volume 1

Pax On Both Houses' Most Frequently Viewed Memes: Volume 2

My Most Popular Meme In The Last Three Months

Compendium Of Best "Pax" Posts About Devious Donald, "The Deplorable One"

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"The Keepers," A Made-For-Netflix Documentary Series: "Who Killed Sister Cathy Cesnik?"

"The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy?"... What Do We Do About Sex?

ABC News Interview With Director/Producer Of "The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy?"

CBO Raises # Of Americans Uninsured By Trumpcare From 22 To 33 Million. Is The GOP Evil?

"How Climate Change Became A Question Of Faith," Christian Science Monitor

Donald Trump Has His Finger On The Nuclear Button. Maybe We Should Do Something About That.

Trump's Presidency Builds On The Reality TV Shtick He Launched With Professional Wrestling

Meme: It's Like Louis Armstrong On Jazz: If You Don't Get It, Nobody Can Explain It To You

Melania Trump Applauds Evangelical Support For Devious Donald

"This Meme Needs To Go Viral" - Follow-Up Discussion With A Twice Medivaced Vietnam Marine

Trump's Tax Cuts Ignore History And Arithmetic In Order To Make The Rich -- And Himself -- Richer

Charles Blow's Brilliant Meta-Level Analysis Of Trump's Unrelenting Monstrosity

My Email Comment To NPR's 1A Program About Both Parties Coming Together On Healthcare

White House Press Briefing: Huckabee's Satanically Dishonest Response To Reporter's Question

Friend Tarantino's Facebook: Conversation About Lindsey Graham's Call For "Dreamer" Amnesty

"Un Cadáver Inesperado" Por L. N. (My Friend's Story Of Wrongful Conviction For Murder)

The GOP's Bizarre Relationship With Itself

Amusing Ourselves To Death: Donald Trump's Assault On Reason

"Who Killed Sister Cathy?" Tom Nugent

"Frog Hospital" & "Pax" Remember Illabot Creek, Conservative Projection & Jesus The Tree Killer

Gun Control Refresher Course

Compendium Of Pax Posts On Theosis, The Limits Of Religion And A New "Christian Science"

Religion And Resignation: America's Spiritual Opioid Crisis

Bill Clinton Was Impeached For Lying About A Blow Job. Trump Lies About EVERYTHING.

Brilliant Letter On Traveling Rather Than Succumbing To "Settled" Bourgeoise Temptation

How Rochester, New York Detective Fantigrossi "Leaned On Me" To Identify The Wrong Man

UNC-CH Professor Of Public Health John Hatch's Grandparents Were All Slaves: The Horror

"Frog Hospital" And "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss Feasting & Fiesta In Santa Barbara & Beyond

Absolutism Seduces Good People Into Condemnatory Meanspiritness

Cartoon: Trump's Ratings Suck... But He Still Has His Base

Politicians Have Learned To Inflame Political Passion As Skillfully As Pornographers Inflame Lust

Compendium Of Best "Pax" Posts About Devious Donald, "The Deplorable One"

More Proof That Trump Force Feeds Feces To The American People

Trump Only Tells The Truth Accidentally

"We Are Made Of Stars": Half Our Bodies Are From Beyond The Milky Way

D. L. Hughley Cites 1 Kings Bible Story To Explain Why You Can't Reach Trump Supporters

Recently My Friend Fran Asked: "Has America Always Been This Bad?"

BRILLIANT "On The Media" Reports: Reflecting On 6 Months Of Trump Coverage

Trump Constantly Discharges Turds Into An Open Sewer To See Which Ones Float

Compendium Of Pax Posts About Galileo

"These Coloradans Say Earth Is Flat. And Gravity's A Hoax. Now They're Being Persecuted."

No Joke: S-Trump-ets Prove They're Deplorable, Don't Care If He Kills Someone On 5th Avenue

My Friends' Devoted Conspiracism Is As Crazy As Trump's Birtherism. What To Do With Lunacy?

My Attempt To Persuade A Loved One To Abandon Conspiracy Theories

"More On The Newtown Massacre": Professor David Ray Griffin And The Swamp Of Conspiracism

Discussion With 9/11 Truther Friend About Epistemology, Belief, Certainty And Purpose

The 9/11 Truth Movement: Where Does It Lead?

Conspiracy Thinking, The Death Of Shared Identity And The Collapse Of Common Purpose

"Crisis Acting": A Standard Conspiracist Hoax That Supposedly Reveals Hoaxes (Snopes)

Compendium Of Pax Posts: Persuading A Loved One That His Conspiracism Is Mostly Crazy

The Daily Show Goes To Trump Rally To Hear Conspiracy Theories: They Are Not Disappointed

Trump Resurrects Clinton-Foster Murder Conspiracy

Cartoon: Trump's Ratings Suck... But He Still Has His Base

"Salve Regina," Arvo Pärt

Some Pretty Cool Science Will Take Place During The Eclipse Of The Sun, August 21, 2017

Bill Maher Has A Question For You

More Proof That Trump Force Feeds Feces To The American People

The Past 5 Republican Presidents Used Fraud And Treason To Steer Themselves To Electoral Victory

Woman Fired After Racist Threat Goes Viral: We WIll Kill "Every One Of You F___ing Muslims"

Businessman Paints Terrifying And Complex Picture Of Putin's Russia

Stiffed By Bernie Madoff: "What Lessons Can We Learn From Losing Our Life Savings?"

"What Kind Of A Person Calls A Mass Shooting A Hoax?" New York Magazine

Who Said "Republicans Have Never Approved Democracy?" (And Why Don't We Admit It?)

"Who Receives Medicaid? A State-By-State Breakdown"

Out-Of-Control Trump And The Effluvium Of The Republican Party

"The National Review" Alleges "Liberal Class Warfare"

The Unadverted, Surpassingly-Strange Mystery Of The Ocean Sunfish. Was Darwin Wrong?

Trump's Casual Use Of Foul Language While Addressing 40,000 Pre-Adolescent Boy Scouts

Trump's Stealth Health Plan Could Be "Medicare For All"

Trump's Provably False Claim That He Has Passed More Legislation Than Any Other President

Scaramucci: Trump Still Doesn't Accept Intelligence Community's View That Russian Electoral Meddling Was Real And Pervasive

1A: If You Don't Understand Why Trump Won, This Book, "White Working Class" Is For You

Compendium Of Best Pax Posts About Christianity (And The Abrahamic Tradition)

St. Apollonia And A Hundred Medieval Feast Days

The Lost Art Of Catholic Drinking

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