Friday, August 4, 2017

"Frog Hospital" And "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss Feasting & Fiesta In Santa Barbara & Beyond

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Fiesta in Santa Barbara..... Nobody works, everybody has fun. The horse parade features hundreds of horses, especially troops of golden Palaminos and prancing black Frisians with luxuriant fetlocks and intricately braided manes..... The mayor and other dignitaries ride in historic carriages .... Marching high school bands, thousands of happy people and the weatherman said it would not be too hot today.

Alan Archibald
Santa Barbara's feasting recalls two Pax posts about "Mother Church" whose fondness for "indulgence" brought us Carnival - the great Mardi Gras feast whose celebration caused Christians to bid "Carne vale!" - "Farewell flesh!"... eating and drinking to such excess that next day's skull-splitting hangover might sour them on carnal pleasure, making it easy to cruise - abstemiously - through the forty days of Lent.

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