Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cartoon: The GOP's Bizarre Relationship With Itself

"Waste, Fraud And Abuse" Is A Magic Spel Chanted By "Conservatives." To What End?

"The National Review" Admits The Elimination Of "Waste, Fraud And Abuse" Is A Drop In The Bucket

Americans Think Foreign Aid Consumes 1/3rd Of GNP. This % Is Totally Hallucinated 

Alan: Not only are Americans clueless concerning the actual content of the budget, the overwhelming majority of us would blow like a Trumpian Tweet Storm if "the cuts they say they want" were actually enacted "in their own backyard." 

As a nation -- and a culture -- we are addicted to grievance and have no intention of aligning our behavior with fact-checkable reality.

Image result for pax on both houses, bill maher shackled to a hooker

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