Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump's Presidency Builds On The Reality TV Shtick He Launched With Professional Wrestling

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Amusing Ourselves To Death: Donald Trump's Assault On Reason

Alan: Although Trump supporters absorb Fox News through an IV drip, their real love is Reality TV.

Despite Faux News' round-the-clock infusion of meanspiritedness, what S-Trump-ets crave most is WWE spectacle, full of bluster, bombast and chest-thumping fury.

These self-shrunken souls are so caught up in the bogus fight that truth has become irrelevant; their obsessive concern is "winning." 

And for those citizens made in Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly's twisted mold, winning is determined by decibelage.

According to "the received addlepatedness," it is believed that winning depends on the racket of witless alpha-dogs and vapid beta-bitches. 

And so Reality TV "ratings" depend on opinionated "upvoting" while any well-considered criteria-of-Truth don't even rise to radar.

"The Death Of Epistemolgy"

"Republicans For Revolution," A Study In Anarchic Apocalypticism

To summarize: Over decades, Trump created his own WWE/Reality TV audience. 

Then, in 2015 -- locked-and-loaded behind "birtherism" -- his s-Trump-ets now pithed by Devious Donald's enveloping nonsense, he entered the presidential fray and, voilĂ , gun-toting, bible-banging, NEVER-for-a-minute-think-in--context-dimwits -- drooling like Pavlov's dogs -- elected him.

There are two ways of lying, as there are two ways of deceiving customers. If the scale registers 15 ounces, you can say: "It's a pound." Your lie will remain relative to an invariable measure of the true. If customers check it, they can see that they are being robbed, and you know by how much you are robbing them: a truth remains as a judge between you. But if the demon induces you to tamper with the scale itself, it is the criterion of the true which is denatured, there is no longer any possible control. And little by little you will forget that you are cheating.    

"There Are Two Ways Of Lying..." Denis De Rougemont And Donald Trump

Nor did it hurt that Despicable Donald -- in his words -- always trotted out "a beautiful piece of ass." 

Trump was The Sex-And-Violence Candidate whose base had been lobotimized by Reality TV.

Deceased French Philosopher Explains Trump's Political Success: The Role Of Wrestling

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