Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens And "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss Trump's "Conversion"

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Trump hosted a listening circle in the White House yesterday. He appeared to be listening. May be he actually was listening. I don't have hopes that he will make listening a habit, but you never know.
Alan Archibald "You never know..." But my working hypothesis is that Trump has been lying so long he doesn't know what's real...

... that his egotism (like the goody-two-shoes egotism of "American exceptionalists") knows no bound...

... that Dishonorable Donald is a lifelong liar-cheat-and-thief...

... and that The Deplorable One occupies the borderland between solipsism and psychopathy, and makes his way in the world with Ted Bundy-like charm that seduces everyone who "loses her head" over him.

To give His Satanic Majesty benefit of doubt is, by my lights, an indulgence of bleeding-heart snow-flakism.

I believe that whatever "we" think about Trump, his "Dorian Gray" reality is incalculably worse.

I also believe that practitioners of bad religion who conceive Trump as anything other than moral monstrosity will end up discrediting conservative Christianity for generations - hopefully forever.

If God is just, the collapsed credibility of "Christians" siding with Trump's core malice and spite will come to pass.

Even so, pray that God is ultimately merciful.

Every American, including myself, stands in need.

That said, the good Mercy sisters at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic "grammar" school in Irondequoit, New York, taught us that there is hope for the redemption of everyone's soul and -- way back in the '50s -- counseled us to pray for the salvation of Adolf Hitler.


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Compilation Of Thinking Housewife Posts On The Parkland Florida High School Shooting "Hoax"

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Alan: The following post was loaded to The Thinking Housewife's webpage within hours of the carnage at Parkland, Florida.
The Thinking Housewife (and other conspiracists) post such bilge within hours of "triggering events" - long before any credible "fault-finding" can be researched or established because they are confident that conspiracism's "method" for generating "evidence" can be applied to any circumstance.

Snopes: Far Righ Blocks, Conspiracy Theorists Attack Parkland H.S. Carnage As Thespian Hoax

Given the determination of American right-wingers' to corrode and erode secular institutions (often as a presumed prelude to establishing some form of theocratic governance) they not only allege devise falsehoods (aka "alternative facts") but, as Simone Weil observes above, they must devise falsehoods and alternative facts because Truth is hostile to the intellectually-degenerate orthodoxies that inform their belief-and-ideology-driven world views.

Most people think "world view" is easily modified and -- if an individual's world view is informed by "intellectual rigor" and willingness to change according to "scientific finding" -- modification is not only possible but common.

However, when beleaguered absolutists find themselves called upon to defend their heartfelt infallibilities, there is no choice (at least no choice this side of Losing Their Religioni And Consequenlty Their Identity) but to fabricate scenarios that posit the unquestionable truth of whatever assertions they need to nurse, nourish and sustain their bedrock beliefs - typically beliefs of a mythic (or dubiously historical) nature, many elements of which do not hold up to rational scrutiny. 

I do not argue against the importance of mythology and religious belief. 

To the contrary. 

However, when the factuality of mythic and religious belief is mistakenly concretized, then "Houston has a problem."

For years I have corresponded with The Thinking Housewife and the following component of our "relationship" speaks volumes. 

I will publish anything The Thinking Housewife writes and she will publish nothing I write.

She knows she is hiding something that will not endure the light of day. 

And so she controls her "news feed" to insure that sheeple remain docile members of her faithful flock.

Here are more Thinking Housewife posts concerning the "fake Florida shooting" listed in chronological order from oldest to most recent.

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