Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Wrong With Conservatives

Alan: The following article by George Lakoff gets better as it goes. When it reaches stride you're in for a treat!

However, to avoid losing interest at the beginning, you may wish to skip the sections entitled "Pragmatic Conservatives" and "Laissez Faire Free Marketeers" until you've read the rest first.

Excerpt: "I recently heard a brilliant and articulate Clinton surrogate argue against a group of Trump supporters that Trump has presented no policy plans for increasing jobs, increasing economics growth, improving education, gaining international respect, etc. This is the basic Clinton campaign argument. Hillary has the experience, the policy know-how, she can get things done, it’s all on her website. Trump has none of this. What Hillary’s campaign says is true. And it is irrelevant. Trump supporters and other radical Republican extremists could not care less, and for a good reason. Their job is to impose their view of "strict father" morality in all areas of life. If they have the Congress, and the Presidency and the Supreme Court, they could achieve this. They don’t need to name (particular) policies, because the Republicans already have hundreds of policies ready to go. They just need to be in complete power.

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The Borowitz Report: Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars To Keep Donald Trump

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WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—President Barack Obama defended his decision on Wednesday to issue a payment of five billion dollars to Mexico to compel that nation to retain custody of Donald J. Trump.
The payment, which will be delivered to the Mexican government in hard American currency by Wednesday afternoon, will insure that Trump will remain in Mexico for the rest of his natural life.
“I have been assured by the government of Mexico that Mr. Trump will be well taken care of and, if he proves to be a productive member of their society, he will be provided a pathway to Mexican citizenship,” Obama said.
While the transfer of funds to Mexico sparked howls of protest from some Trump supporters, it was hailed by congressional Democrats, as well as by over a hundred Republicans currently running for reƫlection, including Arizona Senator John McCain.
The President bristled at the suggestion that paying Mexico to keep Trump was “reverse ransom” and an extravagant use of taxpayer money. “There is only one accurate word for this payment: a bargain,” he said.

Former Models At Trump's Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules And Worked Illegally

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Former Models For Donald Trump's Modeling Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules And Worked Illegally
"It's like modern-day slavery."

Attorneys Say Trump's Modeling Agency Broke Immigration Rules

Alan: It appears that Melania broke U.S. immigration law by working as a model illegally.

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