Saturday, April 21, 2018

Conspiracists Study Nebulous Realities, Then Insist Their Interpretation Of "The Clouds" Is TRUE

moon landing hoax
Alan: Conspiracists have such inordinate fondness for minutiae -- and exceedingly dubious minutiae at that! -- that they seem intent on losing sight of the forest for the trees. 

Or, more accurately, conspiracists deliberately anchor themselves in such tiny details that they lose sight of the forest for one deformed stoma on a single leaf of a towering oak in the world's largest forest.

Yes, minute details sometimes reveal decisive evidence.

But when the details conspiracists seize upon bear such remarkable resemblance to Rorschach tests (while "the preponderance of evidence" clearly indicates that Adam Lanza killed two dozen kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School), then the clouds of doubt (that can always be raised by scrupulous examination of the endless details comprising any large event) look very cloudy indeed.

Not surprisingly -- and revealingly -- there is hot debate among conspiracists as to "what" any purported conspiracy was actually about.
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Notably, conspiracists are of a psychological type that is easily enthralled by "absolute certainty." 

And because conspiracists are predisposed to "believe" (the internet is crawling with "crisis-actor theories" within hours of any school shooting) they are prone to focus "low-bar evidence" - much of it photographic, a domain that lends itself to manipulation.

Then they liberally lard dubious evidence with innuendo, "skewed significance," credal conviction, and -- with a final appeal to confirmation bias -- they have no trouble ignoring, contradicting or pooh-poohing those conspiratorial theories whose musings contradict their own.

I know from two personal relationships with conspiracists that almost all the "evidence" they present -- while having a certain conjectual plausibility -- would not be admitted in a court of law. 

In effect, conspiracists -- and like-minded individuals who confirm their biases -- comprise their own judge, jury and evidence-review-board. 

Not only are conspiracists "at home" with this psychological arrangement, their ferocious absolutism -- exercised infinitely more often than the pope invokes infallibility -- persuades them that those who disagree are gullible individuals who refuse to "look at the evidence," or they resort to conspiracism's ultimate default, alleging that non-believers have been deluded by the dastardly clever wiles of The Deep State.

At bottom, conspiracists can not believe anything other than what their pscyhological need obliges them to believe and end up as minor "cretion deities" who want to "control the whole show" by (re)inventing it.

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