Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Email Comment To NPR's 1A Program About Both Parties Coming Together On Healthcare

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I realize that today's program is about reconciliation.

However the Republican Party -- and its putative leader in The White House -- are so deformed by spite and ruinous obsession with free market principles that the GOP is incapable of advocating cost-effective, universal healthcare.

It's time to leave the wreckage behind.

It's time to move on to truly universal care in which government is the payer of last resort.

Just as America's attitude toward same-sex marriage changed "overnight," a similar transformation in the nation's outlook on single payer is not only possible but under way.

People think Trump is a game changer.

Not so.

Trump represents the last gasp of a moribund political party which 10 years hence will be as different from  "The McConnell-Ryan Monstrosity" as Lincoln's Republican Party was from The Whigs.


Alan Archibald

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