Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump's Casual Use Of Foul Language While Addressing 40,000 Pre-Adolescent Boy Scouts

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Trump's Boy Scouts Speech And The Thin Line Between Openness And Recklessness

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Charles Blow: "First They Came For..." The "Other" Guy

To Expose Our Children To Donald Trump Is Not Just Child Abuse, But Egregious Child Abuse

What Does It Mean That "The Party Of Family Values" Has Elected A President Who Scandalizes Children

Donald Trump And The Culmination Of The American Dream | Donald Trump And The Culmination Of The American Dream Mistaking Vice For Virtue, Pleasure For Joy, Arrogance For Strength, Money For Value, | image tagged in trump is a moral train wreck,trump mistakes vice for virtue,trump's arrogance,trump's presumption,trump is a crass materialist,t | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Hillary's Ad About Donald Trump As Role Model: Our Children Are Watching

Trump is not good to his word...
much less his vows.
(What else did "conservative" "Christians" need to know about SOBMF?)

Compendium Of Pax Posts Concerning Trump's Habitual Lying

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Ivanka Trump Talks About Despicable Donald Raping Her
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Trophy Wife #3
But remember. 
Those "Christians" who believe him will believe any damn thing. 
(With the emphasis on "damn.")

The Christian Doctrine Of Damnation... And The Destruction Of Christ-Spirit

Compendium Of Best "Pax" Posts About Christianity (And The Abrahamic Tradition)

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