Saturday, July 22, 2017

Recently, My Friend Fran Asked: "Has America Always Been This Bad?"

We are a murderous, barbarian country.

We like violence.

We consider violence the default solution to every problem and the sooner we embark a violent solution the happier we are - at least in terms of immediate catharsis.

George Carlin Quips

Alan: In response to your question: "Has America always been this bad?"... 

If you follow the money, you'll see that Cowboy Capitalism is structured to create, sustain and degrade a large class of poor people. 

Then, as prelude to social, political and economic conquest, The American Way divides not just poor people but all those who are not wealthy, setting them against one another so that different factions of degraded people rip one another's throats out.

Meanwhile, Capitalist Pigs laugh all the way to the bank.

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Yesterday, when The Mooch bid adieu to Spice Man, he said: "I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money." 

Scaramucci gave no thought to the rubrics of The Common Good and The General Welfare.

He could have said, and "should" have said:

 "Let's equal out America's lopsided disparities in wealth." 

"Let's provide high-quality healthcare for everyone regardless their ability to pay." 

"Let's universalize good gun control measures even if -- in ocean of handguns designed to kill humans beings -- such measures take decades to "turn the tide."" 

"Let's insure that our police no longer have carte blanche to kill."

"Let's provide dignified end-of-life care for everyone - care that is so good, and so dependable, that seniors don't even have to think about it."

"Let's encourage a highly-educated citizenry whose graduates do not exit college (or training institues) saddled with decades of disabling (if not crippling) debt... debt these responsible citizens incurred to perform the public service of becoming well-educated people."

I'm sure the list goes on. 

These are the items rushed into my head -- one after the other -- without even thinking about them.

Here are half a dozen blog posts that provide "a bill of particulars."

"The Deadly Oppression Of Black People: Best Pax Posts"

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Tells "Christian" Trump-Care Supporters: Your So-Called "Mercy" Is "Malice"

The Cruel Old Party: The GOP’s Passage Of Trumpcare Is Unprecedentedly Callous

The Partisan Divide: Do We Want Good Healthcare? Or Do We Want Political Chest-Thumping?
(It Goes Without Saying That American Conservatives Want Poor People To Die From Lack Of Care. And If They Want Care They Need To Pay For It.)

"Plutocracy Triumphant"
Cartoon Compendium

On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 6:19 PM, FV wrote:

Lovely poem.

Thinking of people who would help people I was reminded of a story this morning about several teenagers watching and filming a man in a body of water calling for help while they laughed at him, told him he shouldn't have gone in and delighted in watching him die. I think it was in Texas which does not have a mandate to help a person in distress but they do have a never before used law that you must notify the police about a dead body. That's the only thing they can be charged with.
Boggles the mind. Have we always had these among us.



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