Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Crisis Acting": A Standard Conspiracist Hoax That Supposedly Reveals Hoaxes (Snopes)

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Alan: I have a good friend -- and an intellectual correspondent -- who have both been swept away by conspiracism, a key element of which is the allegation that U.S. government agencies (Homeland Security in particular) employ "crisis actors" to "stage" violent tragedies in order to "play on popular heartstrings" thus achieving ideological goals whose political stripe is almost always liberal-left.

According to conspiracists, one frequent goal of "crisis acting" is to sour popular opinion on 2nd Amendment Rights even though it is incontrovertibly provable that support for The Second Amendment rises after every episode of mass carnage.

If you would like to probe "crisis acting" on your own, note that within hours of ANY horrendous mass killing, the web is saturated with detailed descriptions of the masterfully devious techniques used by clever "crisis actors" to fool the American people yet again.

Frequently, "photographic-and-video analysis" of "crisis actors" spotlights their inappropriate emotional reactions, laughing when they "should" be crying, or smiling when they should be mortified.

Anyone with glancing knowledge of "the theater" knows that "the easiest parts to play" are those at life's emotional extremes -- like the roles played by paid mourners in ancient Greece who only needed to "howl and rend their garments" with NO need for any sort of emotional subtlety or slight deviation from their clamorous grief. 

Surely, anyone can stick to the "simple script of grief," especially when Homeland Security is so masterful at perpetrating these "hoaxes."

Please consider the following Snopes analysis of a purported "crisis actress" -- an 8 year old girl -- supposedly used in three different "crises."

CNN Used the Same Girl in Three Different Refugee Crisis Pictures?

A variation on the 'crisis actor' conspiracy theory holds that CNN used photographs of the same girl to represent three different refugee crises.

In the unlikely event you are not completely convinced by Snopes' conclusion, ask yourself whether there isn't -- at minimum -- room for reasonable doubt.

Notably, conspiracists never entertain "reasonable doubt." 

For them, rush to judgment -- and no one is quicker to rush judgment than a crisis-actor conspiracist -- is mother's milk, sucked straight from the teat, as comforting and convincing as only Mommy's titty can be.

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