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Conspiracy Thinking, The Death Of Shared Identity And The Collapse Of Common Purpose

Dear C,

The following article concerning Stone's bromance with Putin coincides with an essay I began this morning.

In that essay, I describe my growing "sense" that "conspiracy thinking" -- whatever its occasional validity -- is a fundamental part of the social, political and epistemological toxicology that is progressively poisoning any sense of shared identity, simultaneously fracturing common political purpose.

Truth be told, it is likely that a majority of Americans no longer believe in the desirability of democratic process and that the momentum of idiocratic stupidity-cum-ignorance/denial is the only reason they still tout their "patriotism."

In fact, "they" want to lied to, preferably by the plutocrats who sodomize them 24/7.

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NPR: "Islamic Exceptionalism" And The Need To Hate One Another Peacefully

I will alert you to my finished product - perhaps today... but more likely tomorrow.

"Natural Born Buddies: The Shared Ideology of Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin"

My friend A, the 9/11 Truth conspiracist who recently embraced Sandy Hook denial, and who, like other conspiracists, is quick to see Putin as "a good guy," will not answer my persistent question: "How will conspiracy thinking have beneficial impact on The Body Politic, even if 9/11 Truthers converge on a cohesive explanation - backed by incontrovertible evidence - proving the pervasiveness of "deep state" malevolence?"

The more I contemplate "conspiracism," the more I suspect that "conspiracy thinking," once it migrates from The General Proposition that "The System" is, by nature, systematically evil... into "the weeds" of specific and ever-splintering analyses of PARTICULAR conspiracies, we immediately abandon the useful General Principle and bog down in the eternally fractious slog over details.

And in this bog-slog, we lose all semblance of transcendent political purpose. 

I am reminded of Mark and Luke's renditions of "The Gerasene Pigs" in which Satan identifies himself with the words: "I am legion." 

In a different context, Emo Philips tells the same tale:

"I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said "Stop! Don't do it!" "Why shouldn't I?" he said. "Well, there's so much to live for!" "Like what?" "Well... are you religious?" He said yes. I said, "Me too! Are you Christian or Buddhist?" "Christian." "Me too! Are you Catholic or Protestant ? "Protestant." "Me too! Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?" "Baptist" "Wow! Me too! Are you Baptist Church of God or Baptist Church of the Lord?" "Baptist Church of God!" "Me too! Are you original Baptist Church of God, or are you reformed Baptist Church of God?" "Reformed Baptist Church of God!" "Me too! Are you Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1879, or Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1915?" He said, "Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1915!" I said, "Die, heretic scum", and pushed him off.  
The Essence of Religious Fanaticism
(Emo Philips cuts to the quick of religious mania)

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Imagine if a decisive majority of human beings took Pascal's "General Principle" to heart. 

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

What else need we know about the long-brewing, self-fulfilling prophecy infecting all three Abrahamic religions in order to understand the essential putrescence of religious self-certainty and the arrogance of Absolutism?

Sectarian squabbling over "particulars" is "legion" and we already "have it on good authority" "who" "legion" is.

If we would not squander our political (and spiritual-religious) energy in the swirling backwater of conspiracy thinking and sectarian squabbling, we could cleave to the fruitful "General Principle" that "The System" (in America our unimpeded "Cowboy Capitalist System") has a life of its own, and barring divine intervention this System will constellate epistemological chaos in perpetuity.

In keeping with the autonomous life of core Systems, the SOBMFs who serve these Systems will do ANYTHING for self-aggrandizement, particularly financial self-aggrandizement which -- for the boor-bores who "move markets" -- is "the only game in town." 

By nature, these people are so dull that money, the default trade-off for having "sold their souls," is the only "success marker" they understand.

"To get all that money you must be dull enough to want it."
G.K. Chesterton

If you have not seen the new Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone," I encourage you to watch it at your earliest opportunity. 

Dirty Trickster Roger Stone, "The Man Who Made Trump President" (See This Netflix Movie!)

More to come, Mordecai!

Pax tecum


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