Friday, July 21, 2017

CBO Raises # Of Americans Uninsured By Trumpcare From 22 To 33 Million. Is The GOP Evil?

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CBO: Senate Republican Obamacare repeal plan would increase uninsured by 32 million in 2026

Alan: Conservatives think liberals are evil because "they're baby killers."

But as data gathers and evidence mounts that argument no longer floats.

In fact,  induced fetal death is by far highest in those societeis where abortion is outlawed. 

If you were to pile the tiny cadavers in two separate heaps, the number of abortions in societies that outlaw the practice is far higher than the number of abortions in countries where abortion is legal.

Graphically represented, it is the difference between Mount Everest and Bunker Hill.

Personally, I am repelled by abortion and have always felt there is something wrong with taking these human lives even when the fetal life is not, convincingly, a human person. (Saint Thomas Aquinas was not convinced either.

I support safe, legal abortion not because I "like" it, but because it is part of a cultural gestalt that consistently minimizes the number of abortions.

Until Trump's election Christian conservatives could have argued that "the end doesn't justify the means."

But having chosen Trump, America's Christian conservatives have made peace with the philosophical premise that "the end justifies the means."

In the context of traditional Christian thought, choosing the lesser evil still chooses evil.

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I am well aware that demonizing people is a terrible and typically counterproductive road to go down.

But what do you do when "other people" -- in this case, modern American "conservatives -- are demon-possessed, cold-bloodedly calculating how to eliminate health insurance for 32 million Americans, knowing that several thousand of the dispossessed will die every year? 

Furthermore, tens of thousands of those harmed by the Republican Party's "Healthcare Deprivation Act" will suffer needless pain and lasting dysfunction.

It's Ever Harder To Contemplate Trump & His Supporters Without The Word "Evil" Coming To Mind

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