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God and Gay Marriage: What Chick-fil-A Could Learn From Marriott

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy
Chick-fil-A's Baptist president Dan Cathy

God and Gay Marriage: What Chick-fil-A Could Learn From Marriott

July 26, 2012
A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with Bill Marriott. As a prominent Mormon-controlled venture, his hotel company was an obvious target in 2008, when the church vigorously supported California’s now-overturned ban on gay marriage. The Marriott International (MAR) chairman has never tried to hide his deep faith, often referring to God in his writing and interviews.
In Marriott’s personal life, marriage is something reserved for a man and a woman. But he has long been reluctant to impose that view on the company his father founded. Not only could that crimp the company’s $12 billion in sales, it might demoralize employees working in more than 3,700 Marriott properties worldwide. With Mitt Romney’s presidential run and same-sex marriage in the headlines, we spoke about his stance as Mormon leaders were being held up for scrutiny again.
“This church helped me raise a family and has brought great joy and happiness to my life,” he told me. But that didn’t mean gay employees had any less status at Marriott. “We have to take care of our people, regardless of their sexual orientation or anything else,” he said. “We are an American Church. We have all the American values: the values of hard work, the values of integrity, the values of fairness and respect.” Marriott has both a deep faith and a deep understanding of his responsibility as a leader. Many of his shareholders, customers, and employees don’t belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their values matter, too.
“Our church is very much opposed to alcohol and we’re probably one of the biggest sales engines of liquor in the United States. I don’t drink. We serve a lot of liquor. You’re in business. You’ve got to make money,” he said. “We have to appeal to the masses out there, no matter what their beliefs are.”
As a result, when his church actively campaigned against same-sex marriage in California, neither Marriott nor the hotel chain donated any money to the cause. Instead, he stepped into the drama by publicly reinforcing his company’s commitment to gay rights through domestic partners benefits and services aimed at gay couples.
Contrast that with the approach of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy. His company is also committed to treating gay employees and customers at its 1,608 outlets with the same “honor, dignity, and respect” as everyone else gets. “Going forward,” the company says, “our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”
But that statement didn’t come from the mouth of Cathy or any other senior executive at the Atlanta-based fast-food chain. In fact, it’s nowhere to be found on the company website. It is tucked amid the ads for peach milkshakes and Cow Appreciation Day on the company’sFacebook (FB) page. Go to Dan Cathy’s Twitter feed and there are cheerful references to great food and his great evening with celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. The issue of gay marriage doesn’t come up.
It has certainly come up in other places. In fact, Cathy set off a nationwide drama recently by saying he supports the “biblical definition of a family” and believes Americans have a “prideful, arrogant attitude” about gay marriage that risks “inviting God’s judgment on our nation.”
Those comments led to calls for a boycott of the chicken chain and ignited emotions on all sides. Chicago MayorRahm Emanuel and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino have taken on former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorumand former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in escalating the food fight. The Jim Henson Company pulled its Muppet toys from Chick-fil-A meals and promised to donate whatever money those toys have made to the gay rights group GLAAD. Meanwhile, students from at least seven schools have launched petitions on to demand the removal of Chick-fil-A franchises from their campuses while conservative activists are calling on people to eat there to show support.
The issue isn’t that Dan Cathy disapproves of gay marriage; that’s hardly a shocker in a business so infused with Baptist values that its outlets are closed on Sundays. The problem is that he crossed the line in letting his faith become less about inspiration than alienation. Not only did he openly condemn the beliefs of a big chunk of Chick-fil-A’s audience, he implied that their views are unpatriotic and even put the country at risk. Divorce rates being what they are, praising the men in his family for “still being on their first wives” probably didn’t win him many friends, either.
Hearing polarizing rhetoric from the pulpit is one thing. Hearing it from a man whose business rings up $4 billion in sales each year is another. As an individual, Cathy has every right to express his point of view. As president, he has a responsibility to talk about how those views affect the policies of Chick-fil-A. Does this mean he won’t employ or sell franchise rights to anyone whose relationship falls outside a biblical definition of marriage?
Cathy doesn’t say, though Chick-fil-A’s website cryptically notes that franchisees set their own policies and handle all matters regarding employment. That presumably means a gay couple could become Chick-fil-A franchisees and set the brand off in a very different operation. What do Cathy’s beliefs say to Chick-fil-A’s fan base among college students, who typically have more liberal views and probably don’t like buying dinner from people who call them arrogant? It’s hard to know. Chick-fil-A’s president hasn’t hit the talk show circuit to elaborate on his statement, and the company did not return calls as of Thursday night.
Cathy and his father, Chief Executive Officer S. Truett Cathy, are no dummies when it comes to running a business. They’ve built Chick-fil-A into a powerhouse chain through tasty food and smart strategies. Just before Northeastern University canceled plans to open a franchise in February this year, Chick-fil-A issued a media statement from Dan Cathy that said “we have no political agenda, policy or position against anyone, especially the LGBT community.” Moreover, he stated, “we will not champion any political agendas on marriage and family.” Given Cathy’s comments of recent days, dusting off that statement must seem mighty tempting to his PR folks right now.
The controversy at Chick-fil-A is less about the beliefs in its C-suite than the judgment therein. Plenty of leaders have strong religious convictions that carry over to their corporate culture. Tyson Foods (TSN)Herman Miller (MLHR), and Interstate Batteries openly celebrate God in their corporate statements. Forever 21 has even put biblical passages (John 3:16) on shopping bags and Christian messages on T-shirts. Anyone who’s dined at In-N-Out-Burger sees evidence of its founders’ faith from the scripture on the cups and wrappers.
Steve Jobs was a devout Buddhist, as is John Mackey ofWhole Foods Market (WFM). Muslim restaurant owners often adjust their hours during Ramadan, while some Jewish-owned businesses like New York’s B&H Photo close every Saturday for the Sabbath. Such beliefs can benefit everyone. I grew up hearing my Catholic father praise the Reichmann family’s practice of halting Olympia & York’s construction projects on Shabbat, because it meant contractors got to be home on a weekend with their families.
Bill Marriott talks about how his faith has shaped him as a leader. At one point, he was putting in 100-hour weeks because of the dual duties of being CEO and a bishop in his church. That meant weekends spent counseling other members instead of seeing his children.
“It taught me to listen, and I learned to be more compassionate,” he says. What business has taught him, it seems, is the distinction between personal beliefs such as one’s stance on gay marriage and corporate values like trust and inclusion. Leaders tend to perform best when everyone feels welcomed and valued.
If Cathy doesn’t see his stance on same-sex marriage as a reason for Chick-fil-A to discriminate against gay employees or customers, now is the time to say that. If he does, there’s more drama to come at Chick-fil-A.
The comments are informative.

Colony Collapse Disorder: Chemical Decimation Of American Bees

Colony collapse disorder threatens food crops valued at $15 billion a year. New research says farm chemicals put our food system at risk.
May 24, 2012

Bee photo by Brian Wolfe
Photo by Brian Wolfe.
Newly published scientific evidence is bolstering calls for greater regulation of some of the world’s most widely used pesticides and genetically modified crops.

Earlier this year, three independent studies linked agricultural insecticides to colony collapse disorder, a phenomenon that leads honeybees to abandon their hives.

Beekeepers have reported alarming losses in their hives over the last six years. The USDA reports the loss in the United States was about 30 percent in the winter of 2010-2011.

Bees are crucial pollinators in the ecosystem. Their loss also impacts the estimated $15 billion worth of fruit and vegetable crops that are pollinated by bees in the United States.

The studies, conducted in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, all pointed to neonicotinoids, a class of chemicals used widely in U.S. corn production, as likely contributors to colony collapse disorder. The findings challenged the EPA’s position—based on studies by Bayer CropScience, a major producer of the neonicotinoid clothianidin—that bees are only exposed to small, benign amounts of these insecticides.

The new studies found that bees are exposed to potentially lethal amounts of neonicotinoids in pollen and in dust churned up by farm equipment. They also found that exposure to neonicotinoids can reduce the number of queen bees and disorient worker bees.

An alliance of beekeepers and environmental groups filed a petition on March 21 asking the EPA to block the use of clothianidin in agricultural fields until the EPA conducts a sound scientific review of the chemicals.

Meanwhile, farm chemicals and the biotech industry have come under fire for the problem of pest resistance. Some weeds and bugs have become less susceptible or immune to the chemicals or biotechnology used to control them.

In March, national experts on corn pests published a letter to the EPA describing how rapidly rootworms are becoming resistant to the larvae-killing gene in Monsanto’s genetically engineered “Bt” corn. The letter warns that the EPA should move to regulate Bt corn—by requiring, for example, non-GM buffer zones—with “some sense of urgency.”

In a similarly alarming trend, Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” soy and corn, which are genetically modified to tolerate the active ingredient in Roundup, are associated with the creation of “super weeds.” The widespread use of these crops has led farmers to vastly increased use of the herbicide, leading to the development of resistant weeds.

The agriculture industry has responded to Roundup’s failure by developing new crop varieties resistant to another pesticide/herbicide, 2,4-D. An ingredient of Agent Orange, 2,4-D is linked to birth defects, hormone disruption, and cancer. Last December, Dow AgroSciences LLC asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to approve the new varieties for cultivation.

In response, the Pesticide Action Network, Union of Concerned Scientists, Center for Food Safety, and Food and Water Watch are gathering public comments for a petition to the USDA against Dow AgroSciences’ request.

Shannan Stoll wrote this article for Making it Home, the Summer 2012 issue of YES! Magazine. Shannan is an intern at YES!


Class Warfare

Love his Romney impression

Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography

"Listen kid... Don't even think about winging him. 
The sweet spot is right between the eyes."

Mormon "prophet" Joseph Smith's last act on earth was to fire his "pepperbox" pistol, blindly, into a crowd.

Jesus open carries.

Another day in Somalia

If the above cartoon is invisible, it can be accessed at:

"Why Black Men Don't Open Carry"

Are we having fun yet?

"9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi"

COLOR Guns R Us © Bill Day,Cagle Cartoons,guns,crime,America,buy,waiting period,conceal,weapon

The Collapse of Civilization

Now we can legally kill people if we "feel" threatened by them.

Gun Cartoons From The Washington Post

Do these folks have any functioning synapses?

Jesus Christ!
(a prayer)

The Second Amendment
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

This amendment begins with the phrase "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state." The amendment begins with these words because none of The Founding Fathers believed in a "standing army," preferring instead local militias that could be quickly mustered into unified force.

The right to "keep and bear arms" derives from citizen participation in well-regulated militias.
Absent citizen participation in a "well-regulated militia" there is no constitutional right to bear arms.

"Christian Nationalism"
-- and its perennial insistence that violence is a solution to every problem --
would make Jesus puke.

More Guns © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Guns, Utah, Tucson shooting, Concealed, Weapon, Gun Control, Glock, Gabby, Giffords, Gabrielle, Loughner, Arizona, Rampage, Assassination, NRA, Chaffetz, Lee

Settle down alarmists.
Sane citizens can keep their six shooters.
They can buy single shot rifles.
They can own double barrel shotguns.
Such accessibility is beyond dispute.
(If Justice Scalia were to follow his own jurisprudential principles, he would praise this interpretation of the Constitution as consistent with "original intent.")

The reason we are unable to impose reasonable controls on especially lethal weapons
is that the people who own most of them are crazy enough to have them confiscated.

Here's one of the crazies now...

And another...

Hey! What a great idea!
Every mother packs a semi-automatic assault rifle...
(... thus making it five times more likely her children will die from a bullet.)

Suicide in the Home in Relation to Gun Ownership, Arthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH; Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH; et al, The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 327, No. 7, August 13, 1992, pp. 467-472. Key Statistic: The presence of one or more guns in the home increases the risk of suicide in the home nearly five times.

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The Conservative Dream:
Absolute Safety vouchsafed by ubiquitous firearms.
(The impossible quest to make Reality safer than God intended is the core appeal of fascism.)

The Key Question
If ever more guns make America safer,
why are we not already the safest country in the the world?
Instead, we are the most dangerous "developed" nation on earth.

Please email your answer to:
If you do not have an answer, ask yourself, "Why not?"

What Second Amendment Evangelists Fail To Understand About Their Opposition

It is an incontrovertible fact that if every citizen carries a firearm, some of those citizens will use those firearms to successfully prevent deadly (or damaging) attack by malefactors.

However, setting aside "wishful thinking," it is also incontrovertibly true that if every citizen carries a firearm, there will be far more firearm deaths than there would have been if citizens were required to undergo rigorous training and careful gun registration as prerequisites to owning a firearm. 

Although it is grist for another mill, there are two different epistemologies in play: one statistical-and-scientific; the other anecdotal, with any favorable anecdotal outcome deemed sufficient reason to establish "A New Rule" even though anecdotes are almost always "exceptions to rules."

When Second Amendment Evangelists view the cartoon, "What might have happened on 9-11 if this were truly been The Land of The Free," they automatically believe -- as a faith-based obligation -- that every bullet fired "the good guys" will end up in the body of a terrorist, not the bodies of innocent passengers.

Even more to the point: anytime an evildoer "gets the drop" on "a good guy," it is overwhelmingly difficult for a good guy to "turn the tide."

"Wanting it so" (a desire conditioned by too many Super-Hero movies) has nothing to do with the factual Reality of increased carnage when everyone has access to a firearm.

If every airline passenger can "pack," then every terrorist would have a firearm and only a small percentage of citizens. 

Would you, for example, take a firearm on board a plane?

Didn't think so...

Would a terrorist take a firearm on board a plane?


Those who think ubiquitous firearms solve any of life's problems contribute to the problem - inflame the problem by magnitudes of deadliness

The possibility that well-armed citizens will perform acts of sudden, salvific heroicism once a thug with murderous intent "has already pulled his gun" is vanishingly remote. 

Such wishful thinking is the product of arrested development, the vestigial puerility of children playing "cowboys and Indians," "cops and robbers," "white hats and black."

Many more innocent Americans are killed by firearms "in the home" than the piddling number of Americans saved by domestic firearm heroics.

"The Number Of People Who Use Guns In Self Defense Is Negligible"

And when, at rare intervals, such heroics do occur, they frequently result in the death of property thieves who harbor no violent intent.

I know no one who has used a gun in self-defense, but I do know someone who was killed while robbing a grocery store. 

It is overwhelmingly likely that neither you -- nor anyone you know -- has successfully "defended themselves" with a firearm.

Americans refuse to heed "the numbers."

Americans Think Foreign Aid Consumes One Third Of GNP. 

This % Is Totally Hallucinated

If you ask every friend and associate until the day you die, the chances are virtually nil that you will come across someone (outside the military) who has repelled an aggressor with a firearm. 

The belief that Americans use firearms in self-defense is mostly Middle School fantasy conjured by essentially fearful people trapped in arrested development.

I am 68 years old and have friends "on both sides of the aisle." 

Yet I have never heard any of them say that a firearm saved their life.

I have never heard any of them say that they know someone who was saved by civilian use of a firearm.

And in those rare instances of "salvation-through-firearm," it remains over-archingly true that isolated anecdotes do not establish "general rules." 

On the other hand, I have heard several friends say that firearms were used by family members to kill themselves and also have a friend whose neighbor's boy accidentally killed a friend by putting a bullet in his head.

Whether by accident... sudden eruption of anger... or by psychological disease... firearms in the home exact a terrifyingly high toll  with correspondingly trivial benefit.

The belief that "individual heroes" will "save the day" is essentially self-ish, a subset of rugged individualism and the horrifying fear of living in All-American isolation.,

Yes, an occasional hero will "save the day."

Guns Save Lives

The Number Of People Who Use A Gun In Self-Defense Is Pretty Much Negligible

But choosing to arm an entire society only increases the cumulative carnage.

Gun Tweet In Wake Of Umpqua Slaughter

Opportunities for "gun-toting heroism" are vanishingly rare, and when they do present, they are likely to exacerbate the violence-in-progress. 

Consider the following case in point.

Armed Veteran Explains Why He Didn't Confront Oregon Snhooter With His "Good Guy" Gun

The human psyche prefers "clutching at straws" to admitting that many threatening situations are simply "outside our control."

Furthermore, attempts to "control the uncontrollable" -- either by enhanced "security measures" "taken in advance" or "taken while an aggressive act is unfolding" -- do not contribute to security and routinely become risk factors in themselves.

Too much of anything - even a good thing - is too much. 

Consider the flood of handguns in American homes, a deluge whose potential benefit pales alongside the actual number of American suicides and "domestic homicides" that would not have taken place except for the presence of handguns in the home.

The situation is analogous to the conservative desire to disenfranchise 11% of American voters in order to prevent several hundred cases of demonstrable voter fraud - a textbook illustration of "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face."

How Frequent Is Voter Fraud?
How Frequent Is Voter Suppression?

Voter I.D. Laws Could Disenfranchise 11% Of The Electorate

In the absence of firearms, most young people who attempt suicide do not succeed.

Keep in mind that the suicides I am focusing are not "potential threats" like an attack on your neighborhood school. 

Rather, they are "done deeds" - dependable statistics year in, year out.

Needless statistics year in, year out.

Lamentably, most Americans believe that "heroic last minute intervention" will prevent criminals from perpetrating carnage -- a highly unlikely outcome -- simultaneously ignoring the actual avalanche of carnage in American homes - carnage that would not take place if ready availability of handguns in the home did not facilitate suicide. 

States. In the United States, only motor vehicle crashes and cancer claim more lives among children 5–14 years old than do firearms.

For young Americans, 15-24, suicide (60% by firearm) is the third leading cause of death

There are over 40% more firearm suicides than firearm homicides in the United States.

Firearm injury and death charts for the U.S. (and the world) are available at the following University of Pennsylvania 

Suicide in the Home in Relation to Gun OwnershipArthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH; Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH; et al, The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 327, No. 7, August 13, 1992, pp. 467-472. Key Statistic: The presence of one or more guns in the home increases the risk of suicide in the home nearly five times.

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

Americans Are 9 Times More Likely To Be Killed By A Policeman Than A Terrorist

The make-believe heroicism that afflicts Second Amendment Evangelists recalls the bizarre supposition that the violent overthrow of Saddam Hussein (Ronald Reagan's geopolitical ally) would "make the world safe for democracy."

"Bush's Toxic Legacy In Iraq"

"If An Abundance Of Guns Makes Us Safe, 
Why Isn't The United States The Safest Place In The World?"

I await your reply.

166 Gun Cartoons (U.S. News & World Report)

Some of the good Christians who make this possible.

We'll be safer when everyone packs.

"Here's how you do it kid. 
Don't even think about winging him.
Always go for the sweet spot! 
Right between the eyes!
And if you can't see his eyes,
blows his nuts off."


What Second Amendment Evangelists Fail To Understand About Their Opposition

Gun Control For Dummies

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(Remember: Gun Control Is Not Gun Elimination)

The Number Of People Who Use A Gun In Self-Defense Is Negligible

Handguns At Home And The Scourge Of Suicide Among Young People

Legislation In Several States Bans Pediatricians From Talking About Gun Safety With Parents

Handguns At Home And The Scourge Of Suicide Among Young People

One Heartbroken Mother's Plea To Other Parents: Ask If There's A Gun In The House

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Bill Maher Redefines “The War on Terror” as “The War on Losers.” 

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"It's Time To Face The Truth About Gun Violence," Fareed Zakaria

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Diane Rehm: Mass Shootings And Their Effect On The American Psyche: 

Gun Control and The Second Amendment

Guns Make Homes More Dangerous, Not Less

Guns, Firearms - Guns in home increase risk of death, injury and mental disease. 

Florida Law Prevents Doctors From Discussing Firearm Safety

80% Of All Firearm Deaths In 23 Industrial Countries Occurred in The United States

Weapons Used In Sandy Hook Slaughter Especially Deadly Due To  Firing Speed

Bush Ally, Prime Minister John Howard Urges U.S. To Imitate Australia’s Gun Control Success: 60% Decline In Firearm Killings In 15 Years.

Australian Gun Control After Port Arthur Massacre: 35 Dead

Connecticut Shooting: “Isolated Incident” or “Social Pattern”

British Bobbies and Violence

Gun Control in Israel, #2

Toy Guns Outlawed At Republican National Convention: Real Guns Allowed

Since 1973, the number of U.S. homes with firearms has declined by 35%

For young Americans, 15-24, suicide (60% by firearm) is the third leading cause of death

Firearm injury and death charts for the U.S. (and the world) are available at the following University of Pennsylvania webpage. 

There are over 40% more firearm suicides than firearm homicides in the United States.

In the United States, only motor vehicle crashes and cancer claim more lives among children 5–14 years old than do firearms.

University of Utah Medical School: Guns, Public Health and Safety

How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths

The most violent culture in the history of the world

America's Gun Violence Map

by David Frum

Suicide in the Home in Relation to Gun Ownership, Arthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH; Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH; et al, The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 327, No. 7, August 13, 1992, pp. 467-472. Key Statistic: The presence of one or more guns in the home increases the risk of suicide in the home nearly five times.

Guns in homes increase risk of death and firearm-related violence

Firearm Access Is A Risk Factor For Suicide:

Guns in home increase likelihood of violent death:

Sandy Hook Kindergarten Carnage

The Bushmaster AR-15: Adam Lanza’s Weapon Of Choice

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(Since 1968 handguns, not rifles have been used to kill one million Americans)

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Handguns At Home And The Scourge Of Suicide Among Young People

Mom Killed By 2 Year Old Child Described As "Responsible." NOT!

80% Of All Firearm Deaths In 23 Industrialized Countries Occurred In The U.S.

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