Friday, December 28, 2012

I don't get this gun cartoon...

Forget the gun debate
I know no one who wants to ban all guns.
No one.
Not a single soul.
On the other side of the fence...
The same legions who resist all firearm limitation are the same people who blather that countless Americans want to "ban all guns."
Google "Ban all guns, poll." No one even asks the question.

Single shot rifles?
Double barreled shotguns?

Load up America!


Even Jesse Jackson -- a staunch supporter of gun control -- would permit bolt-action rifles, shotguns and revolvers. “You have the right to have a gun in your castle to protect your house. You have the right to have a gun to hunt… Semi-automatic weapons — military-style weapons — are beyond the zone of reasonableness.” Jackson added, “Twenty-five percent of all police are killed by assault weapons, and they cannot defend themselves from that.”


Curiously, it may be that any American who seriously thinks there will be a blanket gun ban is, by virtue of that unhinged belief, lunatic enough to be prevented from having a gun.

Arming kids
These people are nuts.

Mourning the wrong loss


  1. Semi auto rifles only kill 300 a year...

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