Sunday, July 22, 2012

Living under the gun: Bill Moyers

Living under the gun: Bill Moyers

Moyers and Company1 Living under the gun: Bill Moyers

At least 12 are dead in Aurora, Colorado, gunned down by a mad man at a showing of the new Batman movie filled with make-believe violence. One of the guns the shooter used was an AK-47 type, assault weapon that was banned in 1994. The National Rifle Association saw to it that the ban expired in 2004. The NRA is the best friend a killer’s instinct ever had. 

Whatever the relationship between the availability of guns, violent crime and self-defense, we know that those developed nations that exhibit much less violent crime than the United States have about one third as many guns per capita.

Germany’s cumulative police force fired 85 bullets in all of 2011. 
NYC police fired 84 shots at a single murder suspect in April, 2012. 
Source: The Atlantic

Peace must be cultivated.
It is not cultivated by the ad libidum acquisition of firearms.

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