Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney small business backers accept government help but pretend they don't.

Notice that belief in "Government" as the way to "a better future" has 50% more advocates than "Large Corporations and Business Leaders." It is also true that government is deeply involved with basic scientific and technological research and that government is involved in a wide range of activities that foster entrepreneurial success. 
Here's one such initiative that doesn't even rise to radar.


Dear J,

It is increasingly difficult to find admirable (or even honorable) Republicans. 

They cling to The Prince of Darkness as if an Angel of Light.

For example, minimally reasonable people know full well that taxes will sometimes go up and sometimes go down.

To believe that taxes must only go down -- and, correlatively, to vow resistance to every singel tax hike no matter what -- is demonstrably lunatic.

Fortunately, I can still admire Barack Obama - an honest-to-goodness Rockefeller Republican.

Pax on both houses


Romney small business backers accept government help also.

July 26, 2012

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