Saturday, December 8, 2012

In the United States, only motor vehicle crashes and cancer claim more lives among children 5–14 years old than do firearms.

Harvard School of Public Health Study:


Here’s the data culled form the CDC databases on gunshot injuries and deaths in the US, in crude rate per 100,000:


In the chart above, note that "gunshot suicide" is 53,4% more common than gunshot murder by "bad guys."

In the information below, note that gunshot suicide is successful 83% of the time whereas those shot by "bad guys" only die 21% of the time.

Accidental shootings are fatal 4% of the time.
If you are shot by a bad guy, you get killed 21% of the time.
Attempts at suicide by gun that are “successful” 83% of the time.
When the cops shoot you, they kill you: 27% of the time.


See: Gunshot as third most frequent cause of death among 15 - 25 year olds.


The World Has Never Seen So Little War.

80percent of all firearms deaths in 23 industrialized countries occurred in the US

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