Wednesday, August 27, 2014

9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi

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9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Range Instructor

A 9-year-old girl vacationing with her family accidentally shot and killed an instructor at a shooting range, authorities said.
The shooting happened at 10 a.m. Monday at Bullets and Burgers, a facility located at Arizona Last Stop, a tourist spot southeast of Las Vegas.
According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the instructor – identified as Charles Vacca, 39 – was standing next to the girl, teaching her how to use an automatic Uzi. The girl’s parents stood nearby, capturing video of the experience.
As the girl pulled the trigger, the recoil caused her to lose control of the gun, with Vacca accidentally shot in the head, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said. Vacca was flown to University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
It is not known if the range had an age limit.

"Aim for the bridge of the nose."

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