Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Guns Save Lives?"

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“Do concealed-weapon laws result in less crime?”  Washington Post Fact-Checker Awards “Three Pinocchios”

The following website, "Guns Save Lives," "was started to attempt to quantify the number of people who use a firearm to defend themselves and others."

Last night, I reviewed all instances of "firearm self-defense" listed for the last three months and discovered that, nationally, Americans use firearms to defend themselves against crime twice a day. (Keep track of how often you see press reports concerning "firearm self-defense." They are vanishingly rare.)

Please explore "Guns Save Lives" to determine for yourself how many of these "cases" are bona fide, and how many resulted in "the death of a petty thief with no violent intent," or the death of an "assailant" involved in ongoing discord with the shooter, or "stand-your-ground paranoia," or even convenient "cover-ups" for murder/manslaughter. 

Almost always, civilians who keep handguns in a location where they can be used for self-defense are bizarre people. 

Always these gunslingers increase the risk that violence - often suicide - will be perpetrated in their homes. (See "Guns Make Homes More Dangerous, Not Less"

It is also a fact that 55 Americans use firearms to commit suicide every day and another 27 are killed with handguns.

The myth that "guns save lives" (by "forfending threatening criminals") is almost entirely urban legend. 

Yet the number of successful instances of "self-defense with firearm" is routinely touted as "up to 2,500,000 annually." 

Yep! And on those days when I win The Powerball, my annual income is "up to fifty million."

Consider the following Harvard study that concludes: "Virtually No Armed Criminals Report Being Wounded By A Law-Abiding Citizen" -

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