Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gun Control For Dummies

"Gun Control for Dummies" is gun control misconstrued by emotionally disturbed people suffering sub-clinical paranoia, people who are actually crazy enough to think they might not qualify for firearm authorization.

Make no mistake:
Gun Control is not Gun Elimination

Automobile registration, driver licensing and vehicle safety certification have not led to the elimination of motor vehicles. 

In fact, there have never been more motor vehicles and their number increases every year.

What Second Amendment Evangelists Fail To Understand About Their Opposition

Gun Control In Port Arthur, Australia After School Slaughter Left 35 Dead

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

Handguns At Home And The Scourge Of Suicide Among Young People

Mom Killed By 2 Year Old Child Described As "Responsible." NOT!

80% Of All Firearm Deaths In 23 Industrialized Countries Occurred In The U.S.

“Toy Guns Outlawed At Republican Presidential Convention. Real Guns Allowed”

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