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"The Keepers," A Made-For-Netflix Documentary Series: "Who Killed Sister Cathy Cesnik?"

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The last two evenings I've watched the opening episodes of "The Keepers," a made-for-Netflix documentary-series about Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun mysteriously murdered in 1969. (Here is The Guardian's review with trailer:

Over the years, an expanding number of Sister Cathy's students -- and others who loved her -- have increased their efforts to discover what happened.

Since the psychological dimension of "The Keepers" may strike you as "too much like work," perhaps this entrancing "who dunnit" will not draw your attention. 

By my lights this documentary is "in a league by itself," probing - with striking calm and remarkable non-judgmentalism - the pitch-black shadow cast by too bright a light.

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If "conspiracists" were to dedicate themselves to probing "conspiracies-of-consequence" instead of vilifying aggrieved Sandy Hook parents for presumed collusion with Homeland Security "Crisis Actors," "The Keepers" would be a linchpin place to start.

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The series has received positive reviews from critics and holds a 95% approval rating from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Pilot Viruet of Vice wrote of the series, "It's harrowing and upsetting, and it will haunt you for a long time, which is part of what it makes it necessary viewing."[6]
In Time magazine, Daniel D'Addario compared The Keepers with another Netflix true-crime series, Making a Murderer, stating that The Keepers does not lead its viewers to a definite conclusion about what happened. "While Sister Cathy Cesnik's death remains a mystery, its after-effects include both crushing heartbreak and, for the amateur sleuths who seek to crack her case, a sense of making a difference.... This isn't just more respectful to the victim than other true-crime stories, with their breathless delight at new clues. It's also more effective."[7]
According to Jack Seale in The Guardian, "Where other true crime hits have followed a linear chronology, The Keepers hops between 1969, the 1990s and today, striking a fine balance between narrative structure – a wow moment at the end of every episode – and respect for a subject that doesn’t need or deserve sensationalism.[8]

"The Keepers," Wikipedia:
If you decide to watch the opening episodes of "Sister Cathy" and then wish to "carry on," I would be delighted to join you.

"Murder of "missing nun", Sister Cathy, baffles city, county police."
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