Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Bible's Apparent Promise Of Armageddon Is Conservative Xtianity's Excuse To Do Nothing

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Alan: People who selfishly obssess over their own personal salvation look out on "the prophecy of Armageddon" and immediately assume Consuming Conflagration is baked in the cake.

Why bother with attempts to improve the Social Contract or Body Politic if it's all destined to blow up in our faces -- and "by the look of it, sooner rather than later."

The presumption of terrestrial Armageddon instills egotistical determination to make sure that "I" have made my subjective, completely personal peace with God... and "there's an end to it."

"Faith, Hope, Charity And Divine Desperation"

Islamist jihad arises from a similar impulse to consider The End Time an excuse to ignore history and to destroy the "detritus" of civilization, thus making straight the way for "kingdom come."

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Those who are obsessed with personal salvation assurance - a very powerful motivator for people who believe in Eternal Damnation's traditional torments -- use Armageddon as an excuse to channel all pscyhological, social and devotional energy into the private project of personal salvation and -- by extension -- salvation for family and friends.

In effect, fixation with personal salvation is narrow -- and narrowing -- tribalism at its worst.

Pope Francis: There Are Two Ways Of Having Faith: We Can Fear To Lose The Saved," Or...

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