Saturday, February 28, 2015

All 3 Abrahamic Religions Should Be As Ashamed Of Themselves As They Are Now Self-Certain

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Alan: A swelling number of Christian conservatives have no appreciation of tolerance, ironic distance, the vicissitudes of history, the ongoing development of religion, and, most importantly, epistemology.

"The Death of Epistemology"

How the death of epistemology validates rhetorical vapidity:
The Guardian: "John Oliver's Viral Video Is The Best Global Warming Debate You'll Ever See"

Christian Conservatives think 'the Truth has set them free' but are so straightjacketed by specific creedal litmuses that they live in chains. 

They do not choose to believe according to the dictates of conscience. 

Rather, they must believe in order to experience the consolation of enveloping dogma.

Remarkably, all dogmatists remain unshakably confident of their own dogmas but are quick to identify the "outrageous falsehoods" of other dogmatists whose beliefs diverge from their own. 

What a blessing that -- in the entire universe of believers -- "I" know Absolute Truth.

Mutual finger-pointing -- often followed by pogrom, jihad or inquisition -- is a diehard characteristic of every Abrahamic faith, most notably Christianity and Islam. 

All three branches of this "fraternal" religion should be ashamed of themselves - as ashamed as they are currently self-certain.

Pope Francis: "If A Person Is Totally Certain This Is Not Good" 

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