Monday, August 10, 2015

American Conservatives And Aggressive Ignorance

The Guardian: "John Oliver's Viral Video Is The Best Global Warming Debate You'll Ever See"

The Daily Show Interviews Republican Official Who Spills Beans On Deliberate Voter Suppression 
Masquerading As Prevention Of Voter Fraud

The American Party: Know Nothing Nativism And Opposition To Catholic Immigration
Like the Pharisees, the Know Nothings are always with us.

Donald "Pus Gargle" Trump Blows Chunks. Just Makes S___ Up. Crowds Cheer

"There Are Two Ways Of Lying..." Denis De Rougemont And Donald Trump

Devious Donald And The Normalization Of Mendacity: "We're Going To Win The Latino Vote"

Aggressive Ignorance: America's National Pastime

Alan: American conservatives are not just ignorant but aggressively ignorant.

Proudly ignorant.

Boastfully ignorant. 

Evangelically ignorant

If God is conceived as Truth, the permanent posture of American conservatives is squatting over "his" face, shitting in his mouth, shouting "Down Truth! Down!"

Donald Trump has become the face of American "conservatism" and the ignorance that informs it.

Updated Compendium Of Pax Posts About Donald Trump

Best Pax Posts: Self-Terrorization Is The National Pastime

Image result for asimov cult of ignorance
Isaac Asimov Explains Trump's Victory

Hannah Arendt: The Horror Of Normality

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