Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Trump-ward Christian Soldiers," New York Times Opinion Piece By Frank Bruni

Donald "Piece Of Ass" Trump Thumps Bible

Trump's "Piece Of Ass" Quote

Dear Fred,

Frank Bruni published a superb opinion piece in yesterday's New York Times: "Trump-ward Christian Soldiers."

It is the kind of "news item" that conservative websites -- particularly "Christian" websites -- neither quote nor promote although it is the antidote they need.

If American conservatives do not soon exhibit some significant measure of self-awareness, they will ruin the "Christian brand" while, ironically, they see themselves in the vanguard of religious renaissance

"Christians Are Their Own Worst Enemy: Wrecking The Brand"

I have long believed in taking strong doses of "the opposition" if only to "know our enemies" as well as we "know ourselves."

To this end I devote considerable blog space to unedited conservative views and occasionally applaud them.

In fact, I conceive no conservative view I would not publish. 

What are conservatives afraid of?

The truth?

Being "set free?"

Realizing the ultimate identity of "self" and "other?"

Comprehension of projection psychology?

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Devout Christian, Blaise Pascal

"You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image 
when it turns out God hates all the same people you do."
Tom Weston S. J.

In at least one Buddhist tradition it is said that humans actually enjoy confinement and constraint in order to forfend possible panic over open awareness.

Pax tecum


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