Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump Tries To Silence America's Foremost Spanish Language Journalist

Donald Trump brings the same sensitivity to latinos that he does to women. 
Good luck with that Don.

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Trump sought to silence the Spanish-language journalist

Donald Trump and Univision’s Jorge Ramos Spar on Immigration

Donald Trump attacked the most important journalist on Spanish-speaking television in a face-off on Tuesday in Iowa, telling anchor Jorge Ramos to “go back to Univision.”
The kerfuffle began at a press conference when Ramos stood up and asked Trump a question about his immigration plan before he was called.
Trump pounced on the Univision anchor. “Sit down. You weren’t called sit down. Sit down.”
“I have the right to ask a question,” said Ramos.
“No you don’t,” Trump said. “You haven’t been called. Go back to Univision.”
As Ramos continued to speak, Trump appeared to glance at his regular, traveling bodyguard and click his lips. The bodyguard then approached Ramos and escorted him out of the room.
When a reporter asked Trump about the exchange moments later, Trump said, “I don’t really know much about him… I didn’t escort him out. Whoever security is escorted him out.”
Trump added “Somebody just walked him out, I don’t know where he is, I don’t even mind if he comes back, frankly… He’s obviously a very emotional person.”
About ten minutes later, Ramos was allowed back into the room, and again challenged Trump on his immigration policy, saying “Your immigration plan is full of empty promises. You cannot deport 11 million people. You cannot deny citizenship to the children. You cannot—”
Trump cut him off. “Why do you say that? Excuse me, no, no. A lot of people think that’s not right, that an act of Congress can do that,” referring to citizenship by birth, a constitutional principle that grants citizenship to children born in the United States.
Trump interrupted Ramos several times, continuing to make his argument. “Excuse me, no. No, no, some of the greatest legal scholars, and I know some of those television scholars agree with you,” he told Ramos as they disputed birth citizenship.
The exchange between journalist and real estate mogul was so tense partly because it centered on one of the most controversial planks of Trump’s candidacy, his immigration platform. The real estate mogul has called for the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants and the construction of a 1900-mile wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump’s plan has won him the support of the Republican conservative base, and anger among immigrant advocates, moderates, Democrats and Hispanics.
Ramos has been a persistent critic of Trump, questioning the Republican candidate’s scanty immigration white paper and the expense and chaos that deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants might cause.
Trump defended his plan to Ramos, saying “We’re going to do it in a very humane fashion,” said Trump. “I have a bigger heart than you do.”

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