Sunday, August 30, 2015

Buckminster Fuller: Yahweh Seems To Be A Verb

Dear Paul,

I cannot think of Bucky without thinking of you.

Thanks for introducing me.

My research leads me to believe that "every" moral issue distills to reification, a word deriving from the Latin "res" meaning "thing."

When we treat a human person -- that unique, irresolvable blend of "the objective" and "the subjective" -- as a "thing," hell breaks loose. 

It seems in the nature of "things" that this is so.

Medieval philosophy - for all its genius - contributed to the persistent belief that the soul is a thing - not a process, not a verb.

When Yaweh first identifies "himself" in the Old Testament, "he" says "I am who am," a quintessentially existential utterance that uses the verb "to be" twice.

Yaweh seems to be a verb.

Buckminster Fuller: "I Seem To Be A Verb"

Made in the image and likeness?

Pax tecum


PS When did you last promote your idea of "life scholarships?"

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