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I'm A Bilingual Latino Ombudsman: My View Of Supposedly Widespread Hispanic Voter Fraud

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Trump's First Political Ad Features "Mexicans" Sneaking Into Ceuta, Spain

Excerpt from a friend's Facebook post concerning the purported ease with which latinos vote illegally:

"When people go to the DMV to obtain or renew a driver's license, or to get a state identification card, they’ll be asked for the usual information in such transactions, such as their name, date of birth and address. They’ll also be asked to affirm their eligibility to vote and will be given the choice of opting out of registering at that time. Information about anyone who does not decline registration will be electronically transmitted from the DMV to the secretary of state’s office, where citizenship will be verified and names will be added to the voter rolls." 

My reply:

The key line in this passage says "Citizenship will be verified" after information is automaticallly forwarded from the DMV. 


In 2012, 48% of Hispanics who were eligible to vote actually voted, and a lower percentage of eligible latinos planned to vote in 2016. 

I happen to be a bilingual native-born American (of Irish stock) and, for decades, have been deeply immersed in the Hispanic community of central North Carolina. And I can tell you that illegal latinos are far less interested in American politics than "vote-certified" latinos. 

It is a fact that not one illegal latino resident has ever spoken to me about American politics. It would be much easier to motivate the 50+ percent of already-eligible latino voters who currently don't vote than to motivate illegals who don't give squat. 

In my experienced view, I would be astonished if ANY illegal latino were 1.) interested enough to vote, and 2.) actually chose to run the risk of jail time and deportation in order to cast his (or her) lone ballot. Would you? (Well, would you? Duh.)

Sure, like much speculation among conservatives, "the illegal latino vote" makes a good story. But the corresponding reality -- like many political realities -- just doesn't "line up" with right-wing yarn-spinning.

Massive latino voter fraud in California doesn't "line up" any more than Trump's unhinged allegation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower "lines up" with Donald's non-existent evidence. 

Just because it's possible to concoct a theoretical rationalization has nothing to do with the evidentiary process of proving it so. 

Remember Trump's suggestion-allegation that Ted Cruz' father was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald the morning President Kennedy was assassinated? 

Well... It's a damn good story! 

But I've yet to find an American conservative who is impressed by the much better story -- a story that aligns with provable facts -- that Trump and his team have had an unusual number of contacts with Russian officials. 

By comparison, the interminable Benghazi investigation was small change. And although no "actionable" evidence came out of Trey Gowdy's Republican-dominated commission, Benghazi remains a "minor deity" in the conservative pantheon... while Trump and "pal Putin" "walk." 

It's not about creating remotely possible fictions. 

It's about proving probable cause. 

Surely there is a conservative Think Tank or a wealthy Republican activist made in the mold of the Koch brothers who could investigate supposed voter fraud in California. 

Just offer a reward for information leading to the conviction of an illegal voter and if such people are "out there," they will be denounced hand-over-fist. 

I suspect that large numbers of illegal voters simply don't exist, that Republican officials know they don't exist, and therefore no effort will be made to prove that they do. 

What's to be gained? Especially when it's exceedingly unlikely that widespread voter fraud took place. 

Why jeopardize "a story" that is already exceptionally motivational for conservative "true believers?"

From the GOP point of view, what Republican leader in his right mind would imperil the narrative of "widespread voter fraud" which is already as successful as any other conservative narrative based on unproven hypotheses, alternative "facts," innuendo and provably bogus stories originating with The Liar In Chief.

Here's just one doozy.

(I can produce 83 others... not just garden variety falsehoods, deceptions and misrepresentations, but true doozies.)

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