Friday, February 13, 2015

Instruction And Education Aim At Antipodes

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Education And Instruction: Near Antipodes Cut Out For Cross Fertilization

Alan: Most "educated" people confuse education with instruction. They do this because they have been instructed but not educated.

"Education" derives from the Latin "ex ducare" and "leads out of" preemptive concern with individual good to focus attention on The Common Good

In brief, "education" is social and collaborative whereas "instruction" is monadic and isolating. 

"Instruction" derives from the Latin "in struire" and refers to a process that "builds facts, information and skill-sets into" atomistic individuals, enabling them to make their private way in the world. 

On their own. 

Independently rather than inter-dependently.

Without education, instruction (the planet's default learning method) undermines The Common Good, teaching people to treat the world as a money mine to be exploited like "49-ers" staking private claims for personal advantage. 

The goals of education and instruction are essentially antipodal although instruction can (and should) be subsumed by the service orientation that is central to education.

H.G. Wells: "Human History Becomes More And More A Race Between..."

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