Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Best Pax Posts On Torture

"Good Romans" Considered Jesus' Torture Necessary For Imperial Safety

Christianity's Bedrock Commitment To Torture: Remaking "The Faithful" In God's Image

"The Torture-Free True Story Of The Best USMC Interrogator In WWII"

On Balance, Torture Is Massively Counter-Productive And Self-Destructive

Dick Cheney On Torturing Prisoners: "I'd Do It Again In A Minute"

"My Client, A Torture Victim"

Even If Torture Doesn't Work In The Real World, TV Convinces Us It Does

The Ethics Of Torture Explored In E.M.Coetzee's Painful Novel

Black Hawk Down Author: "Torture Has Yielded Few Intelligence Gains"

Torture Doesn't Work. Here's What Does

"CIA Torture Report A Travesty," Charles Krauthammer

The CIA Torture Report Presents A Real Challenge To American Exceptionalism

Torture Is Who We Are: A Country, Like A Person, Is What It Does

The Only CIA Officer In Prison For The Torture Program...

Why Torture Doesn't Work

Torture: The CIA's First Detainee Spent 266 Days In A Box The Size Of A Coffin

George Will: "The Torture Of Solitary Confinement"

CIA Director, Michael Hayden, Insists On Due Process.... For Himself!

The CIA Torture Manual Was Written By A Pair Of Charlatans

Americans, Especially Catholics, Approve Of Inquisitorial Torture

"The Catholic Voice In The Torture Debate," John A. Coleman S.J.

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