Friday, November 27, 2015

"It's Only Rock And Roll But I Like It." Band Members Choose Next Set Of "Cover" Songs

"It's Only Rock And Roll But I Like It"

Caribou and Squeezer,

Here is my list of songs from which I must choose only three for the band to "work up."

All purple titles with three asterisks are at "the head of the pack."

To help "close in" even more, I have made some of the "three asterisk titles" bold.


*** Last Time (Stones) (Already On Mark's List) :

** 19th Nervous Breakdown:

** Just Waiting On A Friend (I really like this song although I'm not sure it's right for the band.)

** Angie  (I really like this song too although, again, I'm not sure it's right for the band.)

** Have You Seen Your Mother Baby? (I might be able to do a great rendition of this but it will take time and more intimate familiarization with the lyrics and music.)

** Let's Spend the Night Together (I think I could do a great job on this but I'm not sure it's right for a band which might have older people with young children in attendance.)

*** Wild Horses (I think this is already concerned part of the repetoire): 

*** Get Off Of My Cloud (Too high?):

** You Can't Always Get What You Want. (This is already in the repertoire by way of the "For What It's Worth - Can't Always Get What You Want" mash-up.)

*** Street Fighting Man (Too high?):

*** Sympathy For The Devil:
      With Lyrics: I would make Sympathy bold in a heartbeat but I don't think we can play it until we have a conga or bongo player who can do the accompaniment. That said Chuck is prepared to have a go at it with me.

*** Satisfaction (What do you think? This is within my range but the lyrics feel somewhat juvenile for a 68 year old man. It's well within my vocal range which is a TREMENDOUS plus.)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alan Archibald <>
Date: Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 2:15 PM
To: John Newnam <>

Dear John,

My non-Stones "Wish List"

The Weight (The Band) (The Weight is now part of the repetoire.)

*** Tired Of Waiting - Kinks (Already part of the repetoire)

*** Well Respected Man - Kinks

** Day after Day (Badfinger):

*** No Matter What (Badfinger) - Too high?

*** Baby Blue (Badfinger) - Maybe Gill can sing the high parts...

The following cluster is comprise of Bruce Cockburn Songs.
I encourage you to listen to them all but would prioritize "Last Night of The World." Danny and I think it's a GREAT song.

*** Last Night Of The World: 

** Southland Of The Heart:

*** Lovers In A Dangerous Time 

Check out this brilliant Cockburn instrumental:

** Something In The Way She Moves:

Long Black Veil. (Already in the repertoire.)

*** Ticket to Ride. (Already in repertoire)

*** Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane/Starship):

Updated with Stephen Colbert:

** The Question (The Moody Blues):

** We Gotta Get Out Of This Place:

See you soon!



The Short "Short List"

Honky Tonk Women 

As Tears Go By

Gimme Shelter

Stoned Me 

Behind Blue Eyes

Baby Blue 

Call It Democracy

Last Night Of The World

Lovers In A Dangerous Time 

I'm In A Hurry

Well Respected Man

Somebody to Love (I would have to sing this an octave lower than the Jefferson Airplane original which might be a deal breaker.)

All Along The Watch Tower (This is one of my favorite songs of all time.)

Hide Your Love Away 

Nowhere Man 

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