Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Criminal Persecution Of Blacks (Up To 5 Times As Often As Whites) Makes Everything Worse

Alan: Blacks are arrested - and prosecuted - at least twice as often as whites for the "contraband" crimes that most often put Americans behind bars. 

If white people were incarcerated as often as blacks for the crimes both commit with the same regularity, and if blacks were incarcerated for the crimes they commit as often as whites are for those same crimes, the "black prison time" figure of 32% (above) would be cut in half and the "white prison time" figure of 6% would double.

The situation is further complicated because it is much harder for released blacks to find work than it is for released whites, making persistent black unemployment a source of recidivism.

Are there any circumstances under which you would hire Jamal ahead of James?

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