Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Teasing Truth From A "Conservative" Mass Emailing Concerning America's "Socialist Conundrum"

Fox News commentator Sally Kohn is describing Paul Ryan's vice-presidential acceptance speech.

"Is Perfectionism A Curse? Paul Ryan Tells The Truth"

Dear John,

Much of conservatism's pseudo-strength is attributable to the fact that "conservatives" lie faster than liberals can fact-check. (Once a false alarm is sounded it cannot be un-sounded.)

American "conservatives" -- a disproportionate number of them "Good Christians" -- are completely at peace fabricating ex nihilo bullshit and passing it off as God's Truth. 

Republican presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, the living American who has served longest as a White House senior staff adviser, observed: “The Republican philosophy might be summarized thus: To hell with principle; what matters is power, and that we have it, and that they do not.” “Where the Right Went Wrong" 

In the twisted minds of American "conservatives" nothing matters but power and they will shit in the mouth of God-Truth if the blasphemy promises to advance any of their venemous causes.

I have taken considerable pains to provide point-by-point explanation of the philosophical, political and historical errors in "Conundrum," an email circulated by Audrey Killar on November 19th which you then forwarded to Patrick O'Neill.

Here is my "blow by blow."

Right-Wing Mass Email About Socialist Conundrums And The Proper Use Of Common Sense

As always, I encourage you to read my essay and then ask yourself why you circulate Audrey's emails but won't send my analyses of her emails back to Audrey.


Think about that.

Many Americans operate under the unhinged delusion that "conservative views" deserve disproportionate circulation - no matter how counter-productive or self-destructive they may be.

At the same time conservatives believe liberal-and-progressive views must be "kept in the closet" as if their views were political or philosophical pornography. 

Consider this comparison:

What would the reaction be if Hillary said "You know, it really doesn't matter what the media write as long as you've got a young buck with a big beautiful cock."


 Evangelicals LOVE Donald Trump: 
We Are Known By The Company We Keep

Pax vobiscum


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